Klondike’s latest concoction is really more of a CONEcoction. Say goodbye to ice cream bars, and hello to new Klondike Cones. And what better way to enjoy new Klondike Cones, than in your very own ice cream cone hammock. The Klondike Cone Zone is an ice cream cone-shaped hammock designed to give you a moment of peace, no matter where you hang it. Kick back in your Cone Zone with your Klondike Cone and enjoy your moment uninterrupted.

Klondike announced that they are giving away their Cone Zone hammock chairs exclusively on Twitter later this month. Klondike fans can enter for the chance to win one of their own Klondike Cone Zones from 2/22-3/4, by simply tweeting the hashtag #IWouldDoAnythingSeriouslyAnythingForAKlondikeConeZoneSweepstakes.

You don’t have to wait to enjoy the new Klondike Cones, they are now available in five flavors including Vanilla Chillin’, Nuts for Vanilla, Classic Chocolate, Double Down Chocolate, and Unicorn Dreamin’. All five flavors are sold in 8-count boxes for an MSRP of $6.99. You can find new Klondike Cones in major retailers nationwide. Enjoy!