OTP is an acronym for “one true pairing.” Basically this term is an excuse to pair up characters who should finally get together. You consider them a perfect match.  (If you have ever seen Gilmore Girls you know what I’m talking about – hello Luke and Lorelai?)

Taking this to the Spoon level we want you to know who your “one true KITCHEN pairing,” or perfect match is. You already know your spirit vegetable and what superfood you should be eating, but what kitchen utencil is the one for you?

Being a lover of food, and all things Spoon, you have the right to know this information. By taking this quiz you will not only find your OTKP, but you will also learn the personality of each utensil or item.

  1. You are hosting a party, where are you?

  2. Your significant other wants to surprise you with something delicious, you hope its:

  3. Choose one of the following:

  4. You are asked to bring your "specialty" to a pot luck and you bring:

  5. Which ingredient or item do you constantly run out of?

  6. Which word best applies to your cooking style:

  7. How do you feel about taking risks in the kitchen?