The dining hall is great, until it’s not. Maybe you missed the meal hours while you were studying for Spanish, or maybe you just need a break from your two-week streak of grilled cheese and French fries. Suddenly, you find yourself in your dorm room, famished and in need of food ⁠— fast ⁠— without a proper kitchen within reach.

But, as long as you have a few clever gadgets and space-saving appliances on hand, you can whip up a TikTok-worthy feast without leaving your, uh, cozy 100-square-foot dorm room. Best of all, every one of these finds is available on Amazon Prime, which means you can get them within days, if not hours. (Even better, Prime Student is free for a 6-month trial, after which it’ll cost you just half the price.)

1. Dezin Electric Hot Pot Upgraded Non-Stick Sauté Pan, $52

No stovetop? No problem. With this nifty hot pot-sauté pan hybrid, you can make everything from spaghetti to steak (look how fancy you are!).

2. Deitybless Wheat Straw Microwave and Dishwasher Safe Dinnerware Set, $26

You don’t need proper tableware or a full set of silverware ⁠— that’s what the dining room is for ⁠— but you will want a few choice utensils and a dish or two so you can properly plate the Domino’s pizza that you will inevitably order. (Hot tip: Now through the end of October, GrubHub+ is included in your Prime Student membership -- trial too! -- which means FREE delivery!)

3. KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel, 9-Inch, $10

Speaking of pizza, you’ll never regret having a pizza wheel on hand. Whether the pizzeria forgets to slice your double-pep or you pop a frozen pie into the shared oven, you’ll reach for this over and over again. And according to more than 10,000 glowing Amazon reviews (that’s a lot of pizza), this is the one to buy.

4. Rapid Ramen Cooker, 2-Pack $17

If you consider Top Ramen an essential part of the food pyramid, this BPA free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe bowl is a must. Specifically designed to cook ramen noodles, you don’t have to measure the water. Just fill it up to the line, pop in the microwave for three minutes, and you’ll have perfect ramen. No more mushy (or worse ⁠— undercooked) noodles.

5. SAMMART Collapsible Dish Drainer with Drainer Board, $14

This fully collapsible drying rack won’t be a necessity for every student, but if you’re the kind of undergrad who finds themselves throwing five-course dinner parties in a dorm room, it’ll come in clutch.

6. Microfiber Red Strawberry Dish Drying Mat Colorful Kitchen Dish Pads, $17 for 2

If you’re not throwing five-course dinner parties in your dorm room, this adorably retro strawberry-print drying pad will do.

7. SPACEKEEPER Storage Cart, $34

Not a kitchen tool, per se, but this sleek 4-tier storage cart will keep your utensils, appliances, and, most importantly, snacks organized and out of the way.

8. Dash DMTO100GBPK04 Mini Toaster Oven Cooker, $25

More being so functional ⁠— it can make toast, veggie burgers, even cookies ⁠— this mini-toaster is frankly cuter than it needs to be.

9. BLACK+DECKER Single-Serve Coffeemaker, $25

Even if you’re a Starbucks loyalist, having a petite coffee maker on hand will keep you caffeinated even when you can’t get your hands on a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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