Moving into your own apartment is really exciting-but it can also be a lot of work. There is so much to buy but cramming those things into the little space you may be sharing can be quite a puzzle. Here is a list of kitchen essentials every college student should have. 

1. Storage containers

If you find out that you always have extra food when you’re done cooking or when you go out to dinner, you can always store them in the fridge with these containers. They can also double up as your lunch bowl.

2. A pair of sharp knives

It is very important to have sharp knives for when you’re cutting meat, chicken or vegetables. Even if you’re not planning to cook, these can come in handy when you need to cut your leftover steak from the dining.

3. Mini fridge

Fitting all your grocery into the fridge you share with your roommate(s) may be difficult-but having a mini fridge gives you the extra space you need to store your leftovers.

mini fridge
CJ Kang

4. Ice-tray(s)

Having this saves you the trip to the ice machine and you never have to worry about not having cold drinks.

5. Microwave

Perfect for reheating leftovers, making popcorn, cooking noodles and many other meals. You can cook a lot of stuff in the microwave.

6. Frying pan

This is a multipurpose kitchen item-you can fry eggs, make stir-fry dinners or cook pasta with them. It is also easy to clean and store.

7. Electric Kettle

Boiling hot water is key in making coffee, tea, hot chocolate, noodles, etc. An electric kettle is the easiest way to get boiling hot water from the comfort of your room and they usually don’t take up much space. 

Apart from the obvious spoons, cups and bowls college students get when moving into their apartments, these are really important kitchen items that people barely think to get.