Kings of Leon came to town on Thursday January 20th to kick of their Walls tour, which, can I just say, was absolutely amazing. Radio 104.5 promoted the tour (and even gave me tickets) (thank you again), but also, conducted their usual pre-show interview with the band. 

When you're in Philly, what else would you talk about besides cheesesteaks? Is there anything else to do besides eat as many cheesesteaks as possible? Of course, the guys are huge fans of Philly cheesesteaks (who isn't though) and always like to put a new spin on trying their cheesesteaks.

pork, steak, sandwich
Laura Bohannon

This time, Live Nation set up a taste-test of five different cheesesteak places for "Battle of the Cheesesteaks!" Band and crew members were eligible to participate, with no clue of which brand of cheesesteak they were eating. Once all the steaks had been tasted, they were scored and ranked from 1-5. 

The ratings came in at: 

1) Dalessandro's

2) Chubby's

3) Jim's

4) Stacy's Pizza

5) Phillip's

I took this question to Twitter to find local opinions about favorite cheesesteaks. I conducted four polls: the first three deciding between two choices, and the fourth, deciding between the winners of the first polls. Here are my results:

Between Dalessandro's and Chubby's, 15 people voted and Dalessandro's received 87% of the votes.

Between Pat's and Geno's, 8 people voted and it was a dead tie!

Between Jim's and Phillip's, 13 people voted and 77% of people choose Jim's as the best.

My fourth poll consisted of the winners: Dalessandro's, Jim's, Pat's/Geno's, and an additional recommendation, Campo's. The results came in and it was proven that Dalessandro's has the best cheesesteaks in Philly, with 95% of the 20 people who voted.

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Monica Mellon

Thank you, Dalessandro's for blessing us with your cheesesteaks, and thank you, Kings of Leon, for an amazing show and having the correct ideas about cheesesteaks.