What would you call something that has awesome original shows, cool DIY craft videos, and news, but isn’t TV? Well, you’d probably say it was kinda TV, and that’s exactly the name of the YouTube channel bringing you all of that and more.

KindaTV takes the idea of television and then revamps it, bringing audiences worldwide awesome content like modern remakes of classic novels, brand new sci-fi stories, collaborations with the audience, and really cool arts and craft videos.

Gif courtesy of lovehollstein.tumblr.com

KindaTV employs mostly female casts in two of their shows. Both shows feature characters of all different ethnic and racial backgrounds, as well as a plethora of queer characters. There’s a character named LaFontaine, who identifies as genderqueer.

Both shows take place at universities, so while the stories may seem a bit unrealistic at times, the characters also deal with some pretty ordinary college things like homesickness, eating crappy school food, trying to make new friends, balancing school with life, or even having a crush on your roommate.

The KindaTV shows also spread content over all social media platforms, so instead of just watching a show, you get to see characters interact over Twitter and Tumblr and follow a story there, as well. The greatest thing about KindaTV is the ability to collaborate with the content creators and see a lot of what happens behind-the-scenes. Fans and audience members are able to chat directly with the writers and producers of the shows through different social media platforms.

Photo courtesy of carmillaseries.tumblr.com

The face of KindaTV is actually the title actress from their show Carmilla, Natasha Negovanlis. While she hosts some small channel-related news episodes, she also does some really awesome food-related things, like Game of Thrones Cake Pops.


Screencap courtesy of KindaTV on Youtube.

She also shows us how to make adorable vegan doughnuts and even tells us what to do with all of that leftover pickle juice (she uses it when she makes potato salad!)

So what are you waiting for?

Gif courtesy of carmillasleatherpants.tumblr.com