You’ve probably seen a Kind Bar once or twice in your day, but what exactly are these bars, really? And what’s with the name? I’ve got the scoop.

Meet Jaime Kobak, the current Kind Bar rep on campus at Michigan. Jaime promotes the company through providing samples of Kind Bars at events with a target audience that she feels would enjoy the healthy snack, including Greek Life fundraisers, intramural sports, health and nutrition events, on campus concerts and farmers markets.

She explains, “I try to find events that I feel support a good cause and promote healthy living because at the end of the day, the brand wants to give back to the community and be kind.”

The company began in 2004 and prides itself on creating healthy, on-the-go snacks with ingredients you can pronounce, meaning that all ingredients are natural.


Photo by Jessica Spivack

University of Michigan was the first school in the country to have a Kind Bar rep; Because of the success here at U of M, there are now reps on over 30 college campuses.

Jaime says, “What I find really cool is that Kind’s main mission is to make the world a little kinder – one kind act and one snack at a time. The company really puts an emphasis on the campus ambassador embracing the brand and actually bringing KIND to life on campus.” In an effort to do so, Jaime tries to be as bubbly and as happy as possible when handing out the bars.


Photo by Jessica Spivack

Overwhelmed by all the choices? Jaime suggests peanut butter dark chocolate and blueberry vanilla cashew, which she says tastes like a blueberry muffin. She introduced me to the apple cinnamon and pecan and I’m hooked.
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Look out for Jaime around campus as she gives out samples of Kind Bars. Coming up, she’ll be at local yoga classes, Relay for Life, Detroit Partnership Day and in the librarys, armed with your next study snack.


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