Becoming famous is kind of like a double-edged sword. Sure, every one knows your name, you'll probably get more opportunities, more money, whatever. But once you have it, you lose a lot of the small experiences you generally take for granted, and once you have fame, can't really give it back. 

Kim Kardashian West, reality star, social media phenom, beauty guru, and mom, knows a two or thing about that. Recently, she told Ellen Degeneres that the thing she misses most about being "normal" is going to the grocery store.

She revealed that for her birthday, while admitting that it might sound "really bratty and un-relatable," that she asked if someone could just rent out Ralph's (a grocery store) for one hour.

"I just want to go to Ralph's, with my kid in the cart, and go through every aisle, with just like no one else in there... I haven't been to a grocery store in years. I'm so jealous," Kim said.

Ellen, who recently took her first trip to the grocery store in years, with Oprah, seemed to understand. She explained that it's true, there are things you don't get to do anymore when you're famous. I mean, imagine the horror of trying to get your sh*t in the cart, while your kid grabs at stuff hanging off the shelves, and then people chasing after you and taking your photo—not an ideal time. 

"So you miss going to the grocery store?" Ellen reaffirmed. 

"Yeah, that's my biggest miss," Kim said. 

Of course, Ellen, who's known for pulling a prank or two—like most recently setting up Kim's momager Kris at the 99 Cents Only store to trick the employees—promised she could disguise Kim and get her shopping in no time. 

So yeah, being famous may sound awesome (and let's be real, it is), but apparently there are some downsides you might not think of when you're as famous as a Kardashian. Kim, if you're looking for a personal shopper, hmu. 

You can watch the full interview below.