Stop everything you're doing right now, because KFC has just released a clothing line. Now I know what you're thinking: it's just going to be another unsuccessful, corny marketing ploy to rake in more dough—but it's actually pretty cool. The online store is called KFC Limited, and it sells everything from apparel to necklaces to home decor. As the name implies, the merchandise is only here for a limited time, so you better get yours ASAP.

Oh, and it's already selling out.

But before everything is gone, here are just some of the things you can find on KFC Limited:

 Chicken USA Sweatshirt

This piece of clothing goes for the hefty price of $76, but who wouldn't want a sweatshirt that says "Fried Chicken USA"? It's great for every day attire, and is sure to be a conversation starter on your way to class. 

Fried Chicken Socks

Need a new pair of socks? Look no further than these awesome fried chicken ones. They're only $8 and are guaranteed to up your sock game and impress your friends. 

Finger Lickin' Good Necklace

This item is hands down my favorite on the website. For only $12 you can be the proud owner of a necklace that says the famous KFC slogan "Finger Lickin' Good." It's the ultimate accessory to subtly show your devotion to this fried chicken empire, and every KFC lover's dream come true. 

On top of the super cool apparel and accessories, KFC Limited also offers framed prints of its food that you can hang up in your home, pillowcases you can sleep on while dreaming of fried chicken (read: or the Colonel), and cool pins for a more subtle expression of your love for chicken.

You can check out the rest of KFC Limited's merchandise on its website, but act fast because everything will be gone before you know it. Weird, now I'm hungry for some fried chicken.