With school starting, it’s always important to have an activity that keeps you calm and sane in the craziness of the year. For some people that’s yoga or meditation, but I’m telling you, if coloring is something you haven’t gone back to since elementary school, you need to give it a shot. KFC’s Colonel Sanders understands the value in coloring as an adult, which is why he created this adult coloring competition where you could win a prize valuing at $1,500 (more on this later). Now, there’s a reason to whip out the crayons!

All you have to do is download and print one of the three coloring book options on KFC’s website and get coloring. Use whatever you want—crayons, colored pencils, markers—anything that you think will make your drawing stand out. It just has to be done by hand. Then, post a picture of your masterpiece on a public social media account (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter works) tagging @KFC and using the hashtag #AdultColoringCompetition in your caption. And just like that, you can enter to win a prize.

Keep in mind, to enter, you have to be 18 years or older to enter to win and living in the US.

The submissions are going to be judged by a panel on originality, creativity, time spent, number of lines colored outside of, blending/shading, use of color theory. So make sure to keep that all in mind when you’re working on your art.

If you win, the prize is a portrait of you done by an artist of KFC’s choosing that retails for around $1,500. That’s some serious art.

The competition goes until Sept. 7, so you have some time to practice coloring in the lines. Fingers crossed you win!