For a lucky few, Mexican cuisine draws up memories of handmade dinners carefully and painstakingly prepared by a loving grandmother, mother or other loving family member. For the rest of us, Mexican food means store-bought tortillas, heated dubiously and unevenly in the microwave for Taco Tuesday.

These rubbery wraps are basically just a means of attempting to transport the good stuff—the filling—into our face holes, until we inevitably give up and just go to Chipotle.


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Never fear, disgruntled tortilla consumers. The flatev is here to rid you of all your tortilla-related woes. It’s the newest member of the revolutionary instant kitchen appliances family, and it works like this:

Step One: Choose a pod.

Step Two: Insert pod in the flatev and press the shiny silver button.

Step Three: Clean up the mess that occurs after your brain explodes from the fact that, in the span of seconds, this machine has basically pooped out a fresh, hot corn tortilla as tasty as your abuelita‘s.


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Like a Keurig, all you have to do is insert a pod and press a button; unlike the K-Cups, however, flatev pods contain a little ball of corn tortilla dough. The pods come in a variety of flavors, like chili cheese or honey.

Every dough-ball is gluten-free, GMO-free and loaded with healthy fibers, minerals, vitamins and all-natural oils. Plus, the flatev is easy to clean and efficient enough for even the most intense burrito craving.


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So let the flatev cater your next Mexican food feast, and give your sweet abuelita and/or flustered Chipotle server the break he or she deserves.

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