Somewhere along the line, taken over by the multinational coffee chains, Chai lost the tag of being the beverage people used to bond over. But our beloved stand-up artist, Kenneth Sebastian (or as we lovingly call him- Kenny) is making Chai, our favorite beverage popular again.

An ardent lover of this hug in a cup, Kenny's snapstories often feature him drinking Chai and singing 'Chai time is the best time' (trust us, it's catchy as hell and we keep finding ourselves humming it time and again) and it doesn't seem to get monotonous (what sort of sorcery is this?)

And there ain't any stopping to his love for Chai. He has started a mini comic series called ‘Chai Time with Kenny Sebastian’ on his YouTube channel recently.

About the series:

In this intimate 'sit down' show he sips on a cup of tea and talks about anything and everything that picks his brain, effortlessly making us laugh our bums off. From talking about the daily grievances of being a man, to why he doesn't like reading newspapers, to his favorite biscuits, he manages to melt our Little Hearts as well. 

This distinct approach to live comedy has hit a home run, garnering appreciation from all around the country.

*In case you've been living under the rock and haven't seen the series yet, just grab a cup of tea and have a look at his latest video and the entire series here.