Kendall Jenner has the world fired up about her pizza-covered nipples.

No stranger to Instagram's strict no bare-breast photo policy, Jenner recently posted a saucy photo of her wearing a sheer black top — using pizza emojis to censor her nipples. 

The model is known for her support of the #freethenipple movement, frequently seen in public wearing "revealing" tops as well as posting cheeky photos on her Instagram. Stating that she is "all about freeing the nipple," Jenner has made herself a trailblazer for the feminist campaign. 

The Free the Nipple movement began in 2012 when a group of women produced a film titled Free the Nipple. Spreading awareness across the globe like a forest fire, Free the Nipple is now one of the most popular causes seeking equality for all people, regardless of gender. 

Empowering both herself and women around the world, Jenner has become a pro at finding loopholes in Instagram's policy, as seen in several of her sly and sassy posts. 

In an interview with W Magazine, Jenner stood for what she believes in, declaring: "I'm weird. I love my t*ts being out. It’s like one of my things, I guess."

Regardless of how covered her chest is or isn't, Kendall Jenner is a girl boss, and she's not going to let haters — or a few slices of pizza — get in the way of what she's passionate about.