I don't know about you guys, but when it comes to cereal, once I start eating one bowl, my self control flies out the window. I've been known to finish a box of Chocolate Frosted Flakes over the course of a weekend. So whenever National Cereal Day rolls around, it's a big deal for me, made even bigger this year by Kellogg's NYC's announcement of their "Tony through the decades" t-shirt collection.

This year, in honor of National Cereal Day, Kellogg's NYC started selling some amazing Tony the Tiger T's featuring each of the Tony designs since he debuted in 1952. You can find them on Kellogg's website for $28 each or buy them in person at the Union Square café.

Ashley Steinberg

While learning about the t-shirt collection, I also learned about some awesome new collaborations that made my cereal-loving heart beat just a little bit faster. Check out all the awesome things we have to look forward to this month and beyond!

1. National Cereal Day bowls

Throughout the month of March, you can also buy special cereal combinations, including:

- Cinnamon Frosted Flakes, sweetened condensed milk and rainbow sprinkles

- Chocolate Frosted Flakes, chocolate cake mix and rainbow sprinkles

- Classic Frosted Flakes, vanilla cake mix and rainbow sprinkles

The cake mix is the most intriguing part and I can't wait to see how they're used.

2. Kuli Kuli Partnership

Health nuts, this one is for you. Kellogg’s cafe' is teaming up with Kuli Kuli to create specialized recipes that combine Kellogg's cereal and Kuli Kuli's moringa powder to be sold in stores starting towards the end of March.

Moringa is a plant native to India rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants. Kuli Kuli's particular brand is a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids, and brags that it is more nutrient-dense and less bitter than its competitors. Who says cereal couldn't be healthy?

3. Clinton Hall Collab

Have you ever been to Clinton Hall? They're known for their beers and even more so for their larger-than-life waffles with crazy toppings and donut grilled cheese—'nuff said.

Kellogg’s NYC's newest collab with Clinton Hall and Eggo results in an incredible marriage to create the French Onion Eggo Grilled Cheese Sandwich—sold exclusively at Clinton Hall locations throughout the end of the month, which means we better run to try it!

4. Girl Scout - Troop 6K

Saving the best for last, I am excited to tell you that Kellogg's is one of the many who are teaming up with Troop 6000.

Not only does this mean Kellogg's is part of supporting female empowerment, but equally as exciting, it means Girl Scout cookies are coming to Kellogg's! Keep an eye on their website for dates, and keep in mind that all proceeds will go to the troop.

So cereal fanatics, head my excited cries. Go for the awesome collectible and novelty shirts and come back for literally everything else on this list. You will most definitely not regret it.