Every time I go to Target, I get lost in the aisles searching for the perfect snack to satisfy my different cravings. I sometimes prefer something savory, and other times I want to indulge in a sweet treat. But most of the time, I want both. I usually end up having to buy a multitude of snacks because nothing in the aisles can fulfill my endless snacking needs. This becomes incredibly frustrating during exams because the last thing I want is to be let down by my study snacks! Turns out Kellogg's has my back! With their new range of Club Crisp flavors, I am relieved of the task of having to debate between savory and sweet. Turns out everything I wanted in a snack comes in a green and purple bag!

Olivia Cervantes Llamas

The Perfect Addition to 90 Years of Tradition  

Kellogg's recently sent us a bag of their new flavor of club crisps: Sweet and Salty! These delicious buttery crackers are joining the beloved Sea Salt and Ranch flavors for a limited time only (so run, don't walk to your nearest retailer). Club Crackers is celebrating its 90th anniversary, and I cannot think of a better way to commemorate almost a century of deliciousness. When I say you need to make sure you are able to snatch a bag before they leave the shelves, I am dead serious.   

Olivia Cervantes Llamas

A New Bold Flavor 

Club Crisps Sweet and Salty cover all the bases in the perfect snack. You have the flaky texture of a cracker, a sweet caramelized flavor, and a hint of saltiness to complete it. Every crunchy bite has all three. These crackers bring a new and bold flavor to the snack game. You have never tasted sweet and salty like this. They are so addictive, so don't be surprised when you aren't able to put the bag down. Don't worry, these crisps go the extra mile by not including any artificial colors or flavors, so you know they're good! 

Olivia Cervantes Llamas

The Perfect Snack 

Whether you're studying for an exam, having a movie night with your family, or just want a comforting snack, Club Crisps has your back. These will be a hit amongst your friends and family! No longer will you wander around the grocery aisles and end up unfulfilled. The perfect snack is here, and it's not staying for long! I promise this will be your new favorite go-to.