We've all been there. You take a bite of a crunchy salad, and then meticulously move your tongue over your teeth to make sure there's no food stuck in there. But sometimes you don't always catch it. And unless you have a totally awesome friend who will call you out on having a piece of cracked pepper lodged between your two front teeth, it's gonna stay there until you notice at the end of the day. Katy Perry proves that this sh*t happens, as she walked the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet with quinoa lodge in her teeth.

Imagine being a famous celebrity and having to look flawless and camera ready for a big awards show. I don't know about you, but before I get out of that limo, the last thing I'm doing is flashing a big old smile in selfie mode of my camera and making sure there's nothing in my teeth. Katy Perry might have skipped that last step, as she strutted down the red carpet with some of her lunch still stuck between her teeth. 

I'm curious about a few things: first, what was the quinoa dish she had for lunch? Seriously, I would love to know because I want to make it for myself. Second, where's her friends at?! How can you not tell someone they have something stuck in their teeth? 

Katy is a true MVP and addressed the issue head on:

"Currently taking applications for real friends who aren't afraid to tell me there's quinoa in my teeth," she wrote on Instagram. 

I'll eat quinoa and let you know you have it stuck in your teeth any day, Katy. 

Confidence is key, as the pop star opened the show with her new hit "Chained to the Rhythm", along with a new, sporty hair cut. She rocked the night (quinoa and all), and is a great example of sh*t happens. And when it does, make light of the situation. Because more often than not, people will have their own food-lodged-in-their-teeth-while-talking-to-their-crush type of embarrassing story.  Like me.