It's almost impossible to rank Kanye West's albums from best to worst because they're all so great. It's also difficult to choose your favorite Thanksgiving dish. They all bring so much power to the dinner table. Kanye West might want to collab with the pilgrims and Native Americans, because if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have this grammy deserving holiday.

I hope this list of Kanye West albums as Thanksgiving dishes will make it yeezier for you to truly be thankful for everything you're gonna indulge in on Nov. 23. I give you permission to be a gold digger if you're gonna spend the money shopping for everything you need for your Thanksgiving feast

"Watch the Throne" - Turkey & Gravy

Two of the hottest rappers in the game joining forces to make an album has only one match. Turkye and Grav-Y (Turkey and Gravy, people!) The way Kanye and Jay-Z compliment each other brings so much heat to the album, you'd think it came fresh out the oven.

The same goes for turkey and gravy. It's placed in the middle of your table, you're waiting to grub, and it feels like you're watching the throne. After roasting for hours, once you finally get to drizzle the gravy on your beloved turkey, you gotta have it. Don't you wish they'd stop their beef and just have some turkey? We need them to get back to gobbling up the music game together. If Kanye asks what she ordered, I'm sure it won't be fish filet, it'll be turkey with and gravy.

"YEEZUS" - Macaroni & Cheese

YEEZUS was Kanye West's big "f*ck you" to radio. Macaroni and cheese on Thanksgiving is like a big fu=*ck you to your diet. You're going back for seconds and thirds, even if there's other food still on your plate. Perfecting the cheese to noodle ratio with the right amount of breadcrumbs takes some skilled production, and Kanye West says YEEZUS was the album where he truly showcased his skills as a producer. You're bound to fall in love with this dish. This is why CHEEZUS...I mean YEEZUS is the equivalent to mac and cheese at Thanksgiving.

"808's & Heartbreak" - Pumpkin Pie

This album is the sweet side of Kanye we never thought we'd hear. An album full of sadness over the end of a relationship and the loss of his mother inspired icons like Drake and the Weeknd. Pumpkin pie is an inspiration to apple and sweet potato pies as an addition to the dessert menu. When that last slice of pie is taken, you know you feel a little bit of heartbreak. You better keep up with this Pumpkim-Kardashian Pie and make sure it's on your dessert menu

"The College Dropout" - Mashed Potatoes

"The College Dropout" was Kanye's debut as a rapper. Without it, who knows where he'd be right now? There is no Kanye without this basic first album. Mashed potatoes are a basic, delicious necessity at your Thanksgiving dinner table. When that butter all falls down into your bowl of mashed potatoes, you can't help but to breathe in and breathe out.

Thanksgiving mashed potatoes should be eaten to "Slow Jamz" because it's thick and creamy consistency needs to be stirred as quick as Twista raps on the song. Kanye West is extremely thankful he survived that awful car accident that broke his jaw and honestly... I'd still try and eat these mashed potatoes with a mouth wired shut. I mean, he was able to record an album, can't a girl eat?

"Graduation" - Yams

So if "The College Dropout" is mashed potatoes, it's only right for "Graduation" to be Yams. This album is the now matured version of West—he has evolved to a new form creatively as a rapper. Yams are mashed potatoes to a new level. You can add a hint of cinnamon or turn it into a casserole with marshmallows. They're stronger on your tastebuds, and it's like taking the potato recipe to homecoming.

"The Life of Pablo" - Stuffing

We've pretty much come to an agreement that "The Life of Pablo" is not one of Kanye's top albums, but it is necessary. I won't list stuffing as my favorite Thanksgiving dish either. The album is stuffed with features like Chance the Rapper, Rihanna, Post Malone, Desiigner, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean and so on. Filling your turkey up with stuffing truly enhances it, just like Kanye West claims on this album that he "made that b*tch famous."

"MBDTF" - The Whole Damn Feast

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" couldn't be compared to a single dish because it's literally the entire feast. It is an album with astonishing storytelling. You should make every Thanksgiving memorable so you can forever share the stories.  It is is one of the most acceptable times to be a monster at the dinner table. Dig in! And if someone asks to share the last of something... Run away as fast as you can

"Late Registration" - Leftovers

This album is undoubtedly amazing, but after the first four songs, there aren't many obvious bangers. A lot of people underestimate the power of Thanksgiving foods the following day, but the truth is, it's all up to you. The same goes for "Late Registration," where "Hey Mama" is a gem, along with "Gone."

When it comes to leftovers, aim to touch the sky, get creative and make something amazing with what you have left. On the day after Thanksgiving, Mr. West will probably wake up to some, too. Kanye says nothing's ever promised tomorrow today, but he was wrong about Thanksgiving food. I promise, you'll have some leftovers.

So get on the mic yourself and rap about every single thing you are thankful for this Nov. 23. Now you can go on your own tour and find out which Thanksgiving food you are.