Good news, KAM's lovers—starting this summer you will no longer have to go to KAM's to enjoy a few Blue Guys. BAM! Energy Drink, the company that supplies KAM's with the tasty blue liquid to make "The Blue Guy," announced on their Facebook page that they will be selling KAM’s Blue Guys in a can beginning this summer. 

For all those times you wished you could have a Blue Guy in hand without trekking back to UIUC—we're looking at you alumni—or just wish you could have a Blue Guy delivered to your door, BAM! is here to save the day. You can soon keep a stock of the famous blue drink in your refrigerator. 

While the exact day of sale has not been released, BAM! informed us that at this time they are planning on selling retail only in the Champaign area. Good news, though—they will be accepting orders on their e-store for customers who don't live in the area. Before we know it, drinking a (pre) iced-out Blue Guy might soon be the norm far beyond U of I.

Until then, we are just thinking about how great it will be to get of taste of being in Champaign partying with friends, any time and place. 

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