Going to a (primarily) culinary school has some seriously delicious benefits. Besides the scrumptious meals provided everyday in our dining halls, we have over a dozen food focused clubs and organizations that host all kinds of foodie fun. From beer to desserts and from old school to modern techniques there is a club for just about every aspect of the culinary industry. Even Campus Dining hosts special events to stuff us even further.

The line up for this month is as exciting as ever. Besides feeding us many of the events’ goals are to teach us through hands on learning in our state of the art culinary labs.  The first event, however, is just for fun.

Build Your Own Oatmeal Whoopie Pie!


Photo by thepioneerwoman.com

Did you know January is national oatmeal month?  Well now you do, and you know just how to celebrate it.  January 6th is the first WCW (Wildcat Wednesday) of the year and JWU Campus Dining is helping us celebrate. Come build your pies in the Clocktower Lounge in Snowden starting at 1pm.  Don’t forget to wear your JWU gear!

January Food Photography Competition

Hosted by yours truly.  This month the Spoon University chapter at JWU will be hosting a month long food photography competition.  If you think you are the best at making food porn let us know.  Submit your photos to us by tagging us on Instagram and with the hashtag #spoonbalancejwu.  You can also email us your pictures at spoonuniversityjwu@gmail.com.  You will have the chance to win official Spoon University Swag, and a chance to be featured on our page, aka international fame.  We will announce the winners at the end of the month at our next event.  Stay tuned for details.

 Pickle and Vacuum Sealing Lab


Photo by Food Science Club

The always exciting Food Science Club is hosting a lab to teach us the basics of pickling and vacuum sealing.  The science behind it is truly fascinating, so go watch what happens to your favorite foods when these modern techniques are applied.  Don’t forget to wear your chef whites to HAL 12 on Tuesday January 12th at 7:45pm.  We promise you will never spend a better $5.

Foams, Froths & Espumas


Photo by Modernist Cuisine Club

The brand new Modernist Cuisine Club is here to walk us through the latest in food trends.  According to their event page on the Involvement Network, Espumas is a Spanish term for a food consisting of nothing more than air and bubbles.   Wondering how this is food and why is it so good? Me too, so I will see you at HAL 4 on Tuesday January 12 at 8pm.  

Craving more? We will keep you posted! Check back in for more updates about events this month and the months to follow.