Quinoa has grown a lot in popularity over the past couple of years. Not only is this whole grain a good source of protein and fiber, but it is also packed with nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin B. One of the best things about this superfood is its versatility and ability to be eaten for any meal of the day, including savory snacks such as I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs. These nutritious quinoa snacks are full of flavor and crunch that will leave you wanting more after just one taste.

About I Heart Keenwah

I Heart Keenwah was co-founded by Sarah Chalos and Ravi Jolly in 2009. Jolly was inspired by his travels to Bolivia—where quinoa traditionally grows—to create a light and healthy snack that featured their favorite superfood as the main ingredient. Their love for quinoa is even reflected in the company name: I Heart Keenwah. The reason behind this phonetic way of spelling quinoa is to help de-mystify this foreign grain and make it more welcoming for people from all backgrounds to try.

Why Bolivian Quinoa?

The main ingredient in these snacks is—you guessed it—quinoa. I Heart Keenwah works with local farmers in Bolivia to produce the best organic quinoa for their snacks. Why quinoa all the way from Bolivia? Bolivian Royal Quinoa is an heirloom seed, meaning it is naturally grown without being hybridized, commercially bred or harvested from a GMO seed.

This care is also reflected in the quinoa snacks themselves, which are free of artificial additives and flavoring. The quinoa produced is fair trade and cultivated in a sustainable fashion that helps keep the soil healthy and fertile. In addition, Bolivian quinoa is larger in size, which leads to a fluffier texture when cooked. 


I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs come in four flavors: Aged Cheddar, Herb de Provence, Sea Salt Truffle, and Sweet Chili. All of their quinoa puffs are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free — expect for Aged Cheddar, which contains dairy cheese. 

Aged Cheddar

I Heart Keewnah's best seller is a must try for cheese lovers. Flavored with savory aged cheddar, these puffs have a mild cheesiness to them that is complemented by the hint of peppercorn. A delicious way to eat Aged Cheddar Puffs is as a substitute for croutons on a salad. 

Herb de Provence

Inspired by French flavors, Herb de Provence is a combination of six popular French herbs: thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, parsley, and rosemary. Not only do they smell like a fresh herb garden, they also have lots of herb-y flavor, making them a perfect crunchy topper for your next bowl of tomato soup.

Sea Salt Truffle

Sea Salt Truffle has an earthy flavor due to the addition of real truffles in every puff. I Heart Keenwah uses imported truffles from Italy, giving these snacks a deep and sophisticated flavor. They're a nice alternative to regular salty snacks.

Sweet Chili

Bring on the heat with Sweet Chili Quinoa Snacks. Each puffs starts off a little sweet due to the addition of cane sugar. It doesn't last very long due to the jalapeños, habaneros, and paprika that turn up the spice level and add a little kick to your snacking. Pop them into your next grain bowl for some added heat.

If you're trying to maintain a healthy diet, these quinoa snacks are a great way to start. They contain 5g of  protein per serving and are dietary friendly. In addition, they have low sodium content and are baked instead of fried.

These puffs are a delicious on their own but also make a great addition to your next salad, soup, or even Charcuterie plate. Make sure to add them to your next grocery list or order them online. Happy snacking.