Freshman year is a whirlwind. Every starry-eyed new student on campus – myself included – can attest to this in one way or another. After a relaxing summer, “freshies” must deal with the sudden flood of a whole new life, trying to learn how to manage as time goes on. Whether it’s dealing with demanding classes or fitting into a new social scene, finding balance is key to your first year of college.How do I find balance while subduing the beast that is freshman year? Running. And yes, I am a VERY slow runner. It took me half a year to work up to a lumbering 5K. But no matter where I go, I try to find time to run. It clears my head, temporarily easing the grip of daily responsibilities. I always want to compliment this exercise with a balanced diet, but the struggle of eating in dining halls is real. With a sound mind comes a sound body, so I am on the move to find 5 organic NYC juice spots within jogging distance from my campus at NYU (well, Washington Square).

1. Juice Generation – 245 Bleecker Street

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Juice Generation is only a .4-mile run from the middle of Washington Square Park. That means delicious açaí bowls less than half a mile from campus! These bowls are a perfect addition to any balanced diet, as açaí berries are known to benefit the heart, facilitate weight loss, and boost your energy. At Juice Generation, I always get the PB Açaí because the peanut butter and banana give me the extra kick I need to get through a work out. And I don’t mind those cacao nibs, either

2. Pressed Juicery – 329 Lafayette Street

Yes, we probably have all heard of the juice trend but this is a NYC juice spot that I can get behind (and it’s only half a mile from campus). While juice can facilitate weight loss and increase energy levels, I appreciate the overall unique nature of the Pressed Juicery menu. I always choose a juice with coconut water to help with hydration after any run, no matter the intensity. Usually, I grab a Coconut h2o with lemon for a refreshing post-workout snack. Or if you want to kick it up a notch, try the Coconut Cinnamon for a spicy fix

3. The Butcher’s Daughter – 581 Hudson Street

Not only is the Butcher’s Daughter a very Instagram-worthy spot, where else can you get elixir shots only .8 miles from campus? Elixir shots help to enhance your body and be at the top of your game (or race). The Squeezed Root is my go-to as ginger is a natural pain reliever. If you are struggling through aches and pains on your run, I highly suggest this nutritious addition to your routine

4. Taim Falafel - 45 Spring Street

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I will admit that I am a falafel fiend. So when I found out thatTaim Falafel also has a smoothie bar, I was hooked. Only .8 miles from campus, I am a frequent patron and usually opt to create my own smoothie. Bananas and pineapples are a must for energy, and I of course add coconut milk for hydration. If your run is especially tough, add some whey protein to increase muscle mass and overall power.

For those of you who want to go the extra distance, here are some NYC juice spots that are better suited for the marathon runner in all of us.

5. Organic Avenue -206 E. 86th Street

Trust me. Pushing your body to run 6.5 miles to Organic Avenue on the Upper East Side is worth it. While the cold-press juices are always a tasty choice, I recommend trying the Kombucha on tap (served at every location). Kombucha encompasses a variety of health benefits perfect for the runner’s lifestyle including increased energy, joint pain relief, and weight loss. Get ready to crush that 10k

6. Stoop Juice – 433 7th Avenue (Brooklyn!)

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If you are looking for some motivation to reach that 7.5-mile marker, then Stoop Juice is the place for you. Of course the wide variety of juices and smoothies – fortified with vitamins and antioxidants – are a must have for any runner. But if you’re looking to treat yourself after a grueling workout, Stoop Juice offers Larry and Luna Coconut Bliss ice cream in a wide variety of flavors. And with coconut milk as the base, it will be a great addition to your run.

Finding the time and energy to work out in college is a challenge, however, it helps to know how easily accessible the healthy options are. Running even just one mile a day will improve your physical health and will decrease the mental stresses of freshman year. Remember that as you push beyond your limits don’t forget to reward yourself with a sweet treat in the process!