If you're like 99% of all other college kids, you're either starving or could really use a little extra cash—and it's usually both. JoyRun is the perfect solution to both of those problems. Created on the UC Davis campus, JoyRun is reinventing the way college students do food. 

The Basics

JoyRun has recently made its debut on the Boise State campus, and if you haven't downloaded the app yet, you're missing out. This awesome new food delivery platform gives you the option to either make a little extra cash by going on "runs" and delivering food, or to order food through the app and have it delivered by another student right to where you are. Incredible.   

We asked Marissa Watkins, a Boise State JoyRun intern, to tell us a little more about what exactly JoyRun is and why it is so awesome. Here's what she had to say:

"It's a food delivery platform. So it's for friends, by friends. It allows you to pick up food or coffee on your way so that you have control over where you drop it off. For instance, if I was picking up Dutch during dead week to take to the library, I would post in the app saying that I would be at Dutch in however many minutes, and people would place their orders through the app. I would then take it to the library for a small delivery fee. It's incredibly innovative and allows students to make a little cash on the side." 


As college students, we're most often either hungry or broke (or both) and JoyRun is here to help. Want to go on a delivery and make a little money? Start a run in the app and set a small delievery fee. Craving Chick-fil-A but stuck in the library studying? Request a run and a runner will bring your order right to you. Spoon Boise State thinks that's pretty awesome.