Josephsbrau just released its summer flavor and it's out of this world. The name? Lemon Beer. That's right, you heard me, lemon beer. Kind of sounds gross, don't you think? Trust me, it's nowhere near gross. Your adult side will be quenched while your inner kid will be jumping up and down.

What pairs better with a cold beer than BBQ season? Parents tend to get a bit creative with their alcoholic drinks and kids pop up their lemonade stands. 

Sometimes you might find yourself in a standstill between finally being able to join the adult club and crack open a cold one or gulping down that freshly squeezed lemonade. But let's face it, no matter the age no one is ever too old for lemonade. 

Good thing this summer you won't have to make that difficult decision, and can have the best of both words.

What's in Lemon Beer?

beer, stout, ale
Emily Weaver

This German beverage is divided equally between both beer and lemon. The alcoholic portion is made up of 90% pilsner malt, 5% Munich malt and 5% Carahell malt brewed using Bavaria Hallertau hops. Combine this with lemonade soda and a citrus Josephsbrau Radler lemon beer is born.

This lemon beer contains 4% alcohol by volume and with hints of lemon, it makes for the perfect summer refresher. 

Where can I buy it?

beer, lager, ale, stout, alcohol, shandy
Emily Weaver

Ready to be the beverage star of the BBQ? Josephsbrau Radler lemon beer is available at Trader Joe's for $5.99 per six-pack, containing 12 ounce bottles. Don't forget that these are recyclable bottles and can be turned in at your local recycling center. 

Looks like you just found your new lemonade stand. 

A list of Trader Joe's Josephsbrau beer flavors can be found here along with ratings, ABV and IBU. They brew their beer in San Jose, California.

#SpoonTip: Did you know that Radler in German means bicycle?