If you haven't heard of us by now then here is your chance to learn about why you should join Spoon University at Baylor, the only food publication written for the students, by the students. First off, a little background info about Spoon University: Spoon U is a food publication that shares creative posts like dessert recipes, best restaurants in different cities to try, ways to eat healthier, and everything in-between. As if that wasn't enough, Spoon U also has individual college chapters that share more specific but also broad posts related to the university and its city. With Waco, Texas growing more and new activities and places to eat popping up, now is the perfect time for Baylor to begin its Spoon University chapter. Want to become a member? Apply here!

1. New friends who also feel strongly about food!

If you are one of those people who wants to share your love for food with others who feel the same way, then Spoon U is for you! We will not only talk about food but will be eating together too (Pie Peddlers anyone?). Plus you'll be meeting other cool students on campus that you may have never crossed paths if you hadn't joined your school's chapter. 

2. Become a part of an international community

Spoon University has over 160+ chapters around the globe with headquarters in NYC helping to build connections with each chapter! With special group chats and websites for members only, you'll be able to ask your new spoon friends from around the world advice on your articles! With this international community, you'll also be broadening your horizon on different cultures you may be unfamiliar with.

3. Show off your skills! 

You and your teammates will be bringing unique, individual experiences and talents to your school's chapter. Whether you're a photographer, writer, or marketer, by joining Spoon U, you'll have an incredible opportunity to show what you know! We also give you the opportunity to try out a different area of interest other than what you applied for. You may end up discovering you have a passion or knack for this unknown talent.

4. It's not as much of a time commitment as you think!

We have chapter meetings once every two weeks and individual team meetings every week! Besides that, you can write, take pictures, and market all on your own time. Seriously, not bad. We know you're busy with school and other extracurriculars, we're students too. All we ask is that you do your best and enjoy the experience!

5. Have something to add to your resume that sets you apart from the rest!

Having the opportunity to gain real experience in a field you're interested in whether that's marketing, photography, writing, or the food industry is crucial for your future. With your Spoon U experience, you'll learn the introduction ropes of marketing, photography, and writing. Plus, unique qualities like collaborating with a team, meeting deadlines, and setting goals are all characteristics that are important to working in any job. Your future boss will be impressed!

6. Being apart of a renowned club like Spoon University

With Spoon University's spectrum, you essentially are apart of a community that outputs numerous amounts of content for people to read and enjoy from all over the world. Being committed to a network such as Spoon U as a college student is truly amazing! What other site is there that shares all sorts of food related information for an individual college campus? There's not! You have the opportunity to bring your campus together and introduce not just your fellow students but all other viewers to your food interests around campus and your school's city. 

If you weren't already convinced joining Spoon University at Baylor is the best thing you can do we hope we convinced you!