Calling all donut lovers and self-proclaimed foodies: Spoon University is officially coming to SHU. Okay so now that we've got your attention (ahem, yes, that's you donut lovers) you may be wondering what exactly is Spoon? Spoon U is the food resource for our generation. It's written by college students for college students. Content includes anything from videos about Saturday night drunchies to health and nutrition articles.

SHU Spoon is a tight-knit, fun-loving, easy-going community. To find more about Spoon at SHU, here are five reasons why you should join.

1. You Become a Member of an SHU Community and an International Community

SHU is a small campus, and at times, it may feel like you know everybody already. However, I can't count the number of times I've walked through the HC and thought to myself, who are all these people and when did they get here?

When you join Spoon, you'll meet new people you may otherwise have not. You'll instantly become part of a close-knit, food-obsessed SHU community. If becoming part of a SHU community wasn't enough, Spoon also exposes you to an international community. Joining Spoon means you can connect with thousands of other contributors from around the world. Pretty cool, eh?

2. Portfolio Building

At Spoon, there are endless opportunities to write, edit and pitch story ideas. You'll gain access to awesome writing tips through Secret Sauce (Spoon's internal training platform). Spoon also partners with places like Buzzfeed and Food Network so your content has the potential to reach millions.

Not only will you develop a portfolio of all your content, but you can also say that you were a founding member of SHU Spoon (which is definitely a resume builder). Our chapter is launching as we speak. To say you were a part of the founding chapter at your school is a feat not many others have accomplished.

3. You'll Learn How to Take the Perfect Foodgram

bread, waffle, cheese
Alex Frank

We all want that oh-so-aesthetically pleasing picture on our feed. You know, the one where the cheese is so stringy it makes you want to drool? It seems as though every time we (or is it just me?) try and take a food porn picture, it's a complete failure. At Spoon, you'll learn how to capture food in the most appetizing way. Say hello to a feed full of munchies!

4. You'll Be Around Food 24/7

Okay, so not 24/7, but pretty close to it. When you become a member of Spoon, you have unlimited access to write, read, and research all things food. Trust me when I say you will literally dream about food. You also get to come to our bomb meetings and events, which of course will always include food.

If you're interested in applying give us a holler here. Remember we're the one's bringing pizza to the party.