It all started with a weekly ritual of getting identical eggs Benedict orders (add avocado, hollandaise on the side) every Thursday after class that turned into an entrepreneurial idea. We came up with a build your own Benedict bar called "The Benny Bar™" (trademark pending) that would feature quality Benedicts of every variety for the bougie bruncher. (We would give more details, but like we said, trademark is pending.)

cake, wine
Drew Petersen

We, the Benny Trio (three girls, one dream), sat around our table at the Filling Station during our weekly eggs benny brunch. Hannah brought up Spoon University after seeing it pop up on Instagram and we wondered why Spoon University did not exist at Chapman already.

We thought that Chapman University was a campus in which a Spoon chapter would thrive. The campus is located in the heart of Orange County, surrounded by a variety of food options. From the classic Orange circle staples, to eateries of Newport Beach, to brunching in LA, Chapman is a food culture made up of people who are constantly coming together to break bread.

Ellery (pictured above in the middle) is studying Business Administration and Graphic Design and is an inspiring leader. She is a genius at marketing and loves having a platform and creative outlet to share her designs. One of her favorite local restaurants is the Pie Hole

coffee, tea, beer
Hannah Francis

Elise (right) grew up in New York and moved to Newport Beach as a young teen (which means she knows good food). She is studying Film and has a hobby of taking pictures of her food. Her Insta flow is always on point (@eliseswift). Elise's favorite restaurant is a close tie between In-N-Out and the Filling Station Cafe.

Elise Swift

Hannah (left) is studying Environmental Science and Policy and is a plant-based food promoter. Because Spoon is a platform for all kinds of intelligent eating, Hannah wants to spread knowledge about sustainable eating through a mainstream platform. One of her favorite local restaurants is Mead's Green Door Cafe

chicken, salad
Elise Swift

The Benny Trio wanted to combine our diverse backgrounds and interests to launch a Spoon chapter at Chapman University, leaving a Spoon legacy for future students. Food is not only a vital part of living but also an adventure, a hobby, and a bonding experience.

Spoon University gives you the opportunity to find your voice by creating your own content about your passions. It connects you to an expansive group of fellow foodies and intellects. If you're like us and have a fire for food, we'd love for you to join our movement. Welcome to Spoon Chapman!