Do you go to Union? Do you like food? SpoonU Union is the club for you.

In case you're not up to date on the best source for college students to get all the food news they need, Spoon University is exactly that. An international food blog found on college campuses, written by and for college students. 

Maybe you’re the kind of person who is constantly thinking about that chocolate mousse you ate last night or the quesadilla you’re going to devour later. Okay, I’m definitely projecting a little, but I know I’m not alone. Here are just a few reasons why Union’s Spoon University chapter is a must-join organization this fall. 

1. We love food as much as you do.

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Julia Portnoff

Whether it’s going out to a local restaurant for dinner, hitting up free food events all over campus or just stuffing our faces with snacks at every meeting, there is always food involved. We’re the kind of group that will talk for hours about cronuts or avocado toast and if that sounds like you, we totally want you on board.

2. It's a great way to get involved on campus.

Being a part of clubs and organizations on campus is a great way to discover what you love. One great aspect of Union’s Spoon University chapter is that the time commitment is nothing major. So, if food is your thing, there’s no downside to sending in that application.

3. You can write about and take photos or videos of your one true love — food. 

When I started at Spoon, all I knew was that I liked to eat. I had never written an article about food before, but after writing my first one, it opened up this passion for food writing and photography that I never knew I had. And now, I’m not ashamed to order the biggest dish on a menu and attribute it to food blogging. 

4. It’s a great resume builder for a career in writing, editorial or the food industry.

Not only do you begin to build a portfolio of articles through everything you publish on Spoon Union’s local website, but each writer and photographer has the opportunity to be featured on Spoon’s national website as well (talk about major views!). Additionally, writers can sometimes have articles published on websites like USA Today College, Huffington Post, YahooFood and even Buzzfeed.

5. We host unreal food events.

When you’re stressed and studying for finals, the last thing you have time to think about is food. Don’t worry, we bring Ayelada to the library. (For those who don't know, that’s frozen yogurt -- plus toppings.) Talk about study goals.

In the spring, we also bring a Kona Ice Truck to campus. Shaved ice for all. It's definitely the best way to beat the Schenectady spring time heat. 

6. Dining hall takeovers are bomb.

We’ve also brought some trendy dishes to West and Upper for the entire campus to enjoy. From the french fry and grilled cheese bars to ice cream sandwiches, we know how to please the Union students. 

If you’ve read this far in the article, let’s face it, you must be a foodie. So, your next step would be to click here and request to join Union’s Spoon University chapter.

Don’t be afraid to stop by our table at Club Expo (we promise to have some great snacks, as always). To take a look at some of our articles, feel free to click here.

If you have any questions, please email or And follow us on Instagram and Facebook @spoonunion.