It’s that time of the year! We are looking for talented people to join our staff.

Please email all applications to with a subject line indicating what team you are interested in joining. All applications are due October 9 at 11:59 pm.

Recipes Editor

Oversee our Recipes section and ensure Spoon publishes reliable, college-related recipes on a weekly basis. We are looking for people who know and love all varieties of food, from the gourmet to the microwave-friendly.

Application available here



Write food-related stories and recipes for any section of our website as well as have the opportunity to pitch articles and write for our quarterly print magazine.

Application available here.


Video Team

Whether you’ve always wanted your own cooking show or wanted to be the one behind the camera, the video team offers a chance to do it all – video editing, on-the-street interviews, hosting and filming.

Application available here.


Ad Sales

Hone your sales and business skills by pitching Spoon to local businesses and campus organizations. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to Spoon in an integral way by creating the revenue we need to publish each issue.

Application available here.


Public Relations and Marketing

Build brand awareness of Spoon Magazine by planning events, collaborating with Evanston businesses and student groups and creating social media content. Creativity is a must!

Application available here.



The design team is in charge of online and print graphics. Our work would focus mostly around creating print magazine, like art directing photoshoots, illustrating, and also designing pages. It is a really fun and challenging job and requires lots of finesse and creativity. Please email a short letter explaining your interest in design and experience you have had with Adobe programs like Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. Please attach samples of work if available.



The photography team is in charge of shooting and editing all photographs on both our website and our print magazine. Please email a short letter explaining your interest and experience in photography. Indicate what model of camera you use. And please attach links to samples of work if available. Food photos preferred but not required.

Thank you so much for your interest in Spoon!