As we bid adieu to members heading to their study abroad programs and internships or just having plain ol’ fun over the summer, we are keeping our eyes open for new members. If you have a craving for all things food, Spoon University has a spot for you to fill your appetite.

Applications for positions during the summer and/or fall are due Friday, June 13 at 11:59 pm. Plenty of time after finals and during interim. You can apply for more than one position and term, depending on your D-Plan.

Events Chair

You make the food magic happen on campus. Invite a chef to speak? You got it. Organize cooking lessons? You got it. Love for event planning is a must!
Application available here.

Marketing/PR Chair

You get the word out about Spoon. Instead of shouting at the top of your lungs, you wield the power of social media. How can you make Spoon the buzz on campus?
Application available here.


You set the record straight by taking notes at meetings. As a ruler of Spoon email, you email staff about meetings. You also make sure we get a swanky room for meetings. 
Application available here.


You have a knack for persuasion so that we can receive the funding to hold all the delicious food events to come. Plus, you know how to keep track of all our moola, aka money.
Application available here.


You call the shots for your assigned section. Brainstorm article ideas. Hunt down writers. Who says all you do is edit? We want you to also write to your heart’s content.
Application available here.


You are the fuel for Spoon. You also get to brainstorm ideas but you’re the one getting it on paper, or rather the Internet.
Application available here.


Got a knack for capturing beautiful moments? Love creating food porn? Then we need you to allow readers to feast with their eyes.
Application available here.

Blitz Editor in Chief Victoria Li ’16 or Business Director Diksha Gautham ’15 if you have any questions.

Join Spoon for 14X and 14F

Photo by Sharon Cho
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