As if he wasn't cool enough already, Jason Mamoa just pulled a real-life Games of Thrones stunt on his Instagram. 

The actor, famous for his GOT role as Khal Drogo, is known for his strength, agility and general coolness (not to mention exceptional luscious hair). So what does he have to prove? Nothing. Momoa just "loves beer and throwing tomahawks." 

(I'd be lying if I said I expect anything less badass from the man married to Lisa Bonet.)

The Feat

Nailed it. In the hierarchy of action star cinema heroes, Jason Momoa is coming up roses in my book. If he keeps this up Keanu Reeves can finally retire (although we all love him because we know he never will). 

Of Course You Want More

I think it's safe to say that we're all gonna show up now to see him play Aquaman in the new Justice League action film coming to theaters in 2017. Isn't that right Jason?