Getting bored with the same old dessert?  Well, fear not because JARS by Dani is a game changer for food fanatics everywhere. JARS by Dani is trending like crazy, and once you read all about these jars, you're going to be just as obsessed as the rest of us.

The Story

Dani Beckerman, founder of JARS by Dani, is a successful businesswoman who has graduated college, culinary school, and created this delicious new way of giving us the desserts we love. On a mission to pursue her passion for baking, Dani's brilliance shone through when she combined mason jars with all our favorite flavors—a discovery my taste buds are forever thankful for.

Before JARS took off on social media, Dani hand delivered every order of jars to each customer in Manhattan—talk about a workout.  You can now order jars online from anywhere in the country, a fact that brings tears of joy to my eyes. 

Saying that JARS by Dani uses social media to promote the business is an understatement. JARS is taking over social media with the hundreds of eye-catching pictures posted on Instagram of the jars that look just as good as they taste, an impressive accomplishment seeing as the jars are literally the best tasting food you will ever put in your mouth.

The success of JARS by Dani is proof of that you really can do anything. The JARS by Dani story is encouragement to young entrepreneurs everywhere, and this message alone is reason enough to order your first jar. 

Creativity x100

Let's just be honest: everyone loves mason jars. Mason jar lights, mason jar plant holder, I could go on forever. They make practically everything 10 times more charming, and it's part of what make JARS by Dani so unique.

What started as a hobby for Dani turned into an art: an art of dessert. She takes mason jars and layers them with all our favorites, including cake, icing, sprinkles, cookie dough, and mousse, just to name a few. Aside from their amazing taste, each jar looks delicious.

Dani experiments with various flavors and ingredients not only to get the greatest taste, but get the greatest appearance. Her creativity began with the ingenious mason jar/dessert combo and continues every day with every new jar she creates.

Insanely Delicious Flavors

Now for the most exciting part of JARS by Dani: the flavors.  As of right now, there are six standard flavors with a seventh flavor that is the special of the month, such as cake batter (so good). All the flavors are beyond delicious with layers of mousse, whipped cream, sprinkles, and so many more treats.  Don't get me wrong, you should try every jar, but my absolute must-try jars are cookie dough (a classic), white chocolate (looks as good as it tastes), and fudge brownie (chocolate lovers, this one is for you). 

The Trend is Taking Off

JARS by Dani started off small, but has since taken off. JARS has catered for numerous fashion events held by big names like Teen Vogue and Kenneth Cole. Other well-known customers that have fallen into the JARS craze include Stephen Colbert, Ralph Lauren, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Google

With all these famous customers combined with Dani's use of social media, interviews, and press, JARS by Dani has become an unstoppable trend that keeps on growing. Trust me, you do not want to be the last to this party, so stop stalling and order your first jar now, or risk being unfashionably late.

Try it For Yourself!

JARS by Dani originally catered only to the NYC area, but has grown and can now be enjoyed nationwide. Ordering online is easy, with all the flavor and sizing options clearly spelled out. But for those of you who want to choose your jars in person and happen to live in NYC, JARS by Dani currently has a pop-up store at 189 Lafayette St, so go check it out!

Dessert fanatics everywhere are raving about JARS by Dani. From their looks to their flavors and ingenious creator, you can clearly see why. These jars are taking the world by storm and continue to get more popular every day. Do yourself a favor and jump on the JARS bandwagon now. Believe me, it's the best (food) decision you could ever make.