All you Spoonies out there are seriously upping your game. We’re constantly impressed with the food porn quality of what you’re eating, but you all have become food photography masters throughout this whole #SpoonFeed process. The photos below really caught not only our stomach’s attention, but also our eyes. You go, everyone.

A photo posted by Paulus Nguyen (@paulusnguyen) on

Look at that huge mess of deliciousness.


A photo posted by kate (@biddiekitchen) on

This is a crepe but we like to think of it more as a work of art. We know this one’s got you hungry, so here’s our go-to crepe recipe for you to recreate.


A photo posted by Sarah Fennel (@bromabakery) on

Sarah behind Broma Bakery has really blown our minds with this one. This is a completely homemade sloppy joe. Yeah, that bun looks bakery perfect.


A photo posted by #dcfoodporn (@dcfoodporn) on

Holy moly we could go for this duck confit with poached eggs any day.


A photo posted by Diana Gamarra (@dianexg) on

Note to self: make these sweet potato waffles ASAP.


Everyone seems to be obsessed with shakshouka lately but can you really blame them when it just looks so irresistibly gorgeous?


A photo posted by Hannah Shin (@hannahshin4) on

Props to Hannah for having the restraint to wait a few seconds to take a photo before absolutely devouring these baby pastries.


A photo posted by Khalil B (@ibitefood) on

Khalil of @ibitefood gets fancy with his toast. This is whole wheat bread spread with homemade labneh, toasted hazelnuts, olive oil, and a honey blossom drizzle. If you’re not on the labneh train, you better get on it.


A photo posted by wendy kou (@wendykou) on

Wendy, you’re killin’ us with this chocolate custard cake. Won’t you share?


A photo posted by @yummiestnyc on

There are few things better in this world than a turkey sandwich with the proper meat to bread ratio.


A photo posted by Grubshots ™ (@grubshotsnyc) on

Clearly brunch for one…right?

Not trying to judge a book by its cover, but good food makes for a great life, right? We knew 2015 would be good to you. Make sure to check out our daily indulgences by following us on Instagram. We promise it’s worth your while.