As a freshman with an affinity for all things avocado, I was devastated to find that the distribution of this magical green fruit was not one of Vanderbilt’s top priorities. My cravings got so bad that my mother even once sent me a package full of them. Unfortunately, the supply did not last long, and I was not willing to be the girl toting avocados around in her purse. Therefore, I have gone on an extensive hunt around campus and nearby neighborhoods to do a favor for all of mankind: find out who has the avocado and how it can get in my mouth, ASAP.


On Campus



Photo by Kate Bentsen


What to Get: the Superfood wrap, Seitan Tacos or my personal favorite, the Texmex wrap.

If you’re smart like me, you’ll ask for extra. Not kidding, I always request it on the side for tangible proof that I wasn’t scammed because they will charge you for it. But hey, it’s on the card so why not treat yourself? Oh and get there early (or just before me), because they will run out by 7:30.

Grins’ Website 


Photo by Kate Bentsen

Pi & Leaf

What to Get: basically any salad.

The trick to landing yourself more than a sliver the size of a toothpick is that you need to turn on the charm. That is really the only way I have found it possible. Put away your phone, ask the server how their day was and casually mention how it would mean the world to you if you could get 5x the normal amount of avocado.


Off Campus



Photo by Kate Bentsen


What to Get: salmon avocado maki roll, the a.c. roll or avocado tempura.

Wednesdays are 2 for 1 specials, so I see no reason you shouldn’t double up on the amazing tempura appetizer that is heaven in ten little green slices.

Zumi’s Website


Taco Mamacita_4

Photo by Emily Ashwell

Taco Mamacita

What to Get: the guac.

What’s better than a bottomless basket of chips and salsa? Adding a nice bowl of made-to-order guacamole spiced up with jalapeño, tomato, onion and cilantro. Being from Texas, Mexican food is a must in my life. Thankfully Taco Mamacita has channeled my southern taste buds with this spot on blend.

Now what are you waiting for? Go fuel yourself with these healthy fats!

Taco Mamacita’s Website