We've all be told to sit down and take our time while we eat, but never really knew why. I would always grab food on the go and not think twice. I had the mindset that standing up was better (which it can be), but not when it comes to eating. Eating sitting down makes such a huge difference because of all the the health benefits that come along with it. I soon began to take a seat when I wanted to eat when I learned all the benefits.

Have a Full Stomach for Longer

While sitting down, your body is more likely to consume less food because you're more conscious of what you’re consuming. Studies have shown that when you eat slowly, calorie consumption decreases than if you were to eat faster. Therefore, standing up means faster eating and scarfing down more food.

Prevent Over Eating

What some people may not know is by eating on the go, you eat way faster, and are way more likely to overeat, thus making you get hungrier sooner. Our brain usually sends a message to our stomach when we are full and should stop eating. While we are standing up, though, the message that we are full isn’t sent until after we have already over eaten.

Sit So You Can Sh*t

Sitting down and eating food slowly is more natural for your digestive system, rather than stuffing your face on the go. To properly digest, you need to be in a relaxed sitting position

Even though we have been told to sit less and stand more, when it comes to eating, we should always be sitting. So, next time you decide to eat lunch on the go, stop and think: is it worth the indigestion and extra calories? So sit your a** in a seat when you're gonna eat.