If you're looking for the perfect addition to your spring snack platter, Ithaca Hummus will surely come in clutch. Sourced from fresh ingredients, this hummus will take snack time to a new level. Ithaca Hummus even has a new flavor that has just debuted, so keep your eyes peeled for their buffalo ranch hummus! Now that spring has sprung, it is the perfect time to get outside and make a picnic platter.

Sydney Barish

When it comes to making a snack platter, the produce aisle is your best friend. When you see all of the options, your heart might skip a beet, but don't let it kale the vibe. To help guide you, I have a perfect acronym so you know that you have all of your snack platter items in check: SCRAP.

Let's Get Snack-a-Lacking!

First, you'll need your Spreads. This is going to be the star of your snack plate because it is going to be the thing that you will be dipping your items into, setting the vibe for your platter. The spread could be sweet or salty-- and if you can't decide which, you can include more than one! Examples of spreads are hummus, jelly, nut butters, soft cheeses, or dips from the refrigerated aisle. For the snack platter above, I've used Ithaca Hummus's lemon dill hummus which is my personal favorite. It is tangy and refreshing, and paired well with the vegetables and Triscuit thins that I added around it!

Second is your Carb. This is one of the many things that you will be dipping into your spread of choice. Go for something salty, bold, and flavorful, perhaps a crispy cracker or some lightly toasted bread with herbs on it. This will add substance to your plate and make it more filling while also contributing to the overall texture profile. 

Perhaps one of the most underrated elements of a snack plate but the most important in terms of the visual element is the Rainbow. Not only does it make the plate pleasing to look at, but it makes it exciting and inviting! You do not really need every color of the rainbow on your platter, but my best advice is to get as many colors as you can on there for the visual appeal.

Sydney Barish

Next is A, which addresses the criteria for a sweet treat. One could argue that I did not meet this requirement - however, I would say that the baby bell peppers did the trick on this platter. A better option would have been some dark chocolate covered blueberries or some dried apricots -- but Trader Joe's is not open 24/7, and sometimes you just have to make ends meet with whatever is in your refrigerator. 

Last, but certainly not least, P. And I'm kind of cheating here, because P actually stands for two things: produce and plate. The produce adds color to the platter and will go well with your spreads of choice. They also add a refreshing aspect to the platter which does wonders to the overall balance of textures and flavors present. In addition, the exact plate you choose to present your snacks is equally important. This is what is going to make your snack plate either beautiful or bust. It affects more that you think when it comes to the overall look of your snack plate, from how you will lay out your snacks to how your goodies will lay around each other. I recommend a circular or ovular platter, as it gives the most cohesive and unified look. Absofruitley perfect for sharing!

So go SCRAP your very own snack plate together this spring! Both your friends and your Instagram feed will thank you later. For some other spring snack time ideas, click here. If you need some inspiration, look at all of the Ithaca Hummus flavors on their website - it will surely get your creative juices flowing. They have so many flavors, from lemon dill, lemon garlic, kalamata olive, to their new buffalo ranch. Try them all!