When you think of Italy, what comes to mind is normally along the lines of Vatican City, the Amalfi Coast, shopping in Milan, or gelato. Italy's gelato is unlike any other, which is why they lead Europe in its production. Last year alone, Italy produced 595 million liters of gelato alone. With this much gelato production, you'd think that they'd have a definite spot in the Gelato World Cup. However, for the upcoming event, they'll be sitting out.

You may be wondering how the mother country of gelato won't be participating in the Gelato World Cup this January. Or for starters, you may be asking yourself what even is the Gelato World Cup?

What is the Gelato World Cup?

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Amelia Hitchens

The Gelato World Cup is an event hosted every two years by Gelato & Cultura and Sigep. This biennial event will occur from January 20-23 of 2018 in the Rimini Exhibition Centre located in none other than Italy. 

The event celebrates the art of gelato and conducts 8 challenges throughout its duration which include making gelato and pastries and also making ice sculptures. The event is taken very seriously and each country's team is composed of an ice sculptor, gelato chef, and a pastry chef. Not to mention that the teams are also coached and trained by team managers who know their stuff.

For its 2018 edition,  12 countries have been chosen to participate some of them being, "Argentina, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and The United States," according to the Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria website. However, no Italy?

Why Can't Italy Participate?

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Meredith Davin

For the first time in eight years, Italy won't be able to participate in the covenant event. Since Italy won the seventh edition of the Gelato World Cup, they are unable to compete in the eighth edition due to a new rule from the committee barring the previous winner from competing again after their win.

Although the Italians won't have representation in the world cup next year, it surely isn't an event to miss out on. Keep up with the action on their official site as its happening in Italy.