Ice cream and chocolate chip cookies — the dream team. Put them together and you get an ice cream sandwich. Now triple the size and you get a giant ice cream sandwich. I liked the sound of that. What could go wrong with something that sounds so right?

The Set Up

I first attempted this treat Father's Day, 2017. I knew I wanted to make my dad something fun, delicious and new to surprise him. A special treat for a special occasion. I had made many batches of chocolate chip cookies before, and had even churned my own ice cream, but I had never conjured up a wild creation like this before. I was ready to step into the crazy world of giant-sized desserts. 

The Process

The total time is took to make this dessert was about 24 hours. The ice cream base needs to sit overnight and then needs to be frozen again after being churned. Additionally, the cookies need to be completely cooled before putting the ice cream on top. Since they are much bigger and thicker than normal cookies, the process is time-sensitive and requires patience. However, when the finished product appears, you will be left with nothing but satisfaction and a happy and full heart (and stomach). 

The Cookies

I used my current favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from Buzzfeed, but any recipe you like will do. This also means any variation of cookie will work. You could do oatmeal raisin, sugar cookie or even giant gingersnaps. Whatever the case, you need to double the recipe so you can fit it into two circle pans.

Emma Tick-Raker

Let me tell you — if the smell of a single batch of chocolate chip cookies brings warmth into your heart, the smell of two giant cookies is ten times better. As much as I wanted to pull them out half raw and dig in with a spoon (the best way to eat them, obviously), I resisted and let them cook fully so they wouldn't fall apart during assembly. 

The Ice Cream

Luscious, creamy, velvety. A decadent cold treat; vanilla ice cream is a classic dessert. It is perfect on its own, or eaten by the pint. I decided to try it a new way: stuffed between two giant cookies. Making ice cream is almost a therapeutic process; watching the mixture churn in its hypnotic beauty is mesmerizing. 

Emma Tick-Raker

Vanilla was the obvious choice, but you can do any flavor you want. Chocolate would be delicious, or you could switch things up and add mix-ins like candy, pretzels or fruit. I didn't have fresh vanilla beans, but I highly recommend using them to  enhance the flavor. 

Emma Tick-Raker

The Assembly

This was the part I was scared for. The moment that would make or break my entire reputation as a successful baker (okay not really, but it was a big moment). The key to success for this particular recipe is a completely cool cookie and cold — but not too frozen — ice cream. So as my hands trembled, I tried to build this king-sized treat. It worked. Well, it worked well-enough. 

Emma Tick-Raker

The Results

Two bags of chocolate chips, too much heavy cream and 24 hours later, it was done. The magic of mixing, baking and freezing created a delicious masterpiece. It definitely wasn't perfect but rarely anything made for the first time is. The ice cream may have been a little too soft, and the cookies a bit too warm, but there was no doubting overall the deliciousness. In my eyes, it looked beautiful and drool-worthy. In my heart, I was happy and content. There was no question in my mind that I would be re-creating this giant ice cream sandwich cookie again, and again, and probably again. And I have.

Emma Tick-Raker