Sometimes I wonder why we aren't using fruits when cooking up savory dishes. After all, fruits are good for our health and can even contribute to the attractiveness of a dish with their color. Could it be that we have not been sufficiently exposed to dishes that make use of fruits? 

Here is a basic introduction to how you can use fruits in your savory dishes. After reading this article, using fruits in your savory dishes will seem like a fantastic idea


Aren't you tired of sweet apple pies and sugary apple streusels? Apples themselves are sweet already, so why not use them in your salad (Don't apple salads sound tempting)? Or in mac-n-cheese? How about a salmon-apple-burger, Food Network style? 

If you're not down for salmon with caramelized apple, there's Betty Crocker's glazed salmon with apples recipe


It's not the first fruit you'd think of incorporating into your sandwich or salad, but hey, we all need a good amount of fibre in our diets. The famous Flying Jacob is a creamy Swedish casserole suitable for health conscious people. Click here to read about the history of this fascinating savory banana dish.

If you'd rather cook a typical roasted chicken dish, make this chicken with banana curry sauce and serve it with rice


Don't limit strawberries to dessert just because they're adorable, bright-red and taste fruity. If adding blueberries to salad is a thing, let's also make strawberry kale salad and strawberry blue cheese steak salad a thing.

In addition, you'll find persuading recipes such as barbecued strawberry chicken and almond-chicken with strawberry-balsamic-sauce online.

And then there's strawberry salsa. Here's a fish taco recipe that can go with strawberry salsa.


It is not enough to just have avocado on toasts. Since avocados curb hunger cravings, why not learn to incorporate it into more kinds of main dishes, like your favorite creamy pasta, chicken meatballs, and even salsa (because avocados aren't just dressings and dipping sauce). You can pour that avocado salsa over grilled fish

Hosting a party tomorrow night? How about some paleo-inspired bacon-wrapped-avocado-fries?


Dark chocolate glazed orange pound cake sounds yummy, but so does sweet and sour orange chicken wings.

If you plan on glazing your pork or chicken chops with honey, adding orange to the glaze will make it more delicious.

Roasting chicken? Do it with the help of oranges and lemons, like this

Love Couscous? Make this refreshing Chicken with Couscous and Orange dish.

Sticking to fish? This one's for salmon fans, this one's for halibut fans.

It will take time for all of us to get used to the idea of using fruits more often in the food that we make everyday. But if we continue exposing ourselves to fruit-inspired savory dishes and if we embrace savory-fruit recipes with open hearts, there is a lot of hope for a healthy eating.

In the meantime, pick a recipe, or a fruit (to use in your own fruity-savory dish creation). Who's up for mango-juice-marinated roast beef with kiwi and blueberry relish?