Snacks—also known as the beacons of hope between meals. The saviors of our hunger. The desserts turned healthy, the fuel for our workout. Whatever you want to call them, no one can escape the mid-afternoon feeling of hunger mixed with boredom, or that "can’t make it through the next ten pages of this paper" emptiness.

Sometimes we reach for the bag of Lay’s, and that’s totally okay (there’s a time and a place for EVERYTHING), and sometimes when we are really feeling good we just reach for an apple instead. But more often than not, we don’t reach for the right kind of snack—one  balanced with nutrients to keep us full and focused. We need something perfect... like the Perfect Bar.

Finding what healthy means for each and every one of us is never a straight line. There are diet traps, eating disorders, and slippery lines among the phrases “enough,” “too little,” and “too much”. Often times, we are mislead by information on the internet, or something we heard from our friend’s friend of a friend.

The one common definition that health has come down to is the idea of eating whole. Whole foods and clean ingredients—and an abundance of them. Perfect Bar is one of the first companies to realize this, and take it on with full flavorful force using non-gmo, kosher, gluten-free, and organic ingredients.

Family Matters

Dr. Bud Keith was a dad who loved healthy foods before there were even such things as healthy food. He knew a fundamental truth: what we eat directly affects how we feel. So, the more good we fuel ourselves with, the better we feel. He went to work for his family to find the best mixture of whole ingredients—dried fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, and honey, soon to declare “it’s just perfect!”.

Now a family business, the emphasis on quality and small-batch production shines through. From interacting with each and every customer, to working with mom’s across the country for their input, (think: instagram wellness inspirations like shutthekaleup and restoring_radiance) I have seen Perfect Bar value all opinions and cherish every person, uniquely. And that kindness, in addition to the taste and nutrition is what makes them perfect, and makes them deserving of a try.

Taste, Ingredients, and Texture 

Besides being jam packed with over 20 superfoods, these bars do not skimp on taste. Hosting a range of flavors, including two vegan options, there is a kind for every person. Their ever-loved peanut butter flavor is a classic. Unique twists include, but are not limited to, blueberry cashew, dark chocolate almond, and coconut peanut butter. Two new flavors will blow you away, mocha chip and chocolate walnut brownie. Regardless of the flavor, think: fudge in can’t go wrong

A special edition 13th anniversary flavor that just flew of the shelves (and we all desperately want back) was their small-batch Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp. Co-founder Bill Keither called it the Perfect Bar “shot at Nutella,” but I think it absolute blew nutella out of the park. Sorgum, a gluten-free grain, gave it that perfect crunch. 

The Universal Snack

If you’ve ever been a fan of nuts, or even just a fan of healthy options, this is your snack. If you've never been a fan of healthy options, and you just want some candy, this is your trick to a cheat day while still sneaking in those good ingredients. The snack for athletes (emphasis on the high-quality, whole-food protein), candy-bar seeking children, and mom’s at work alike.

Who am I kidding, this is your snack even if you are none of these things. The point is, this bar is versatile, flavorful, and best of all: jam packed with nutrients and real ingredients that feature high quality, whole-food protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It truly is just perfect.

Crumble on toast, oatmeal, smoothie bowls, or eat it straight up...the choice is yours, and the choice is perfect.