Girl Scout cookies are one of the most widely known cookies in the United States. They appear for just a limited time out side grocery store and other major shopping centers throughout the country. So is there a Girl Scout cookie for you?

The beginning of every January the young entrepreneurs set up shop. Though, depending on your location the times will very when you can find the Girl Scouts out and about selling their beloved cookies. However, for many individuals the idea of what’s in my cookie might limit their participation and support in the Girl Scout organization.

With the rising trend in alternative diets many people hesitate to purchase. They question if they offer something vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free?

For those who are wondering the answer is, yes! Though, not every cookie can be enjoyed by everyone depending on dietary restrictions, options are out there.

Girl Scout Cookies come in a verity of 12 different flavors, some of which might change name depending on region. This happens because there are two producers of Girl Scout cookies.

Why is this important?

The answer is simple, depending on who your local Girl Scout cookie producer is will affect what cookies are available in your area.

Cory Cole

When searching for Girl Scout Cookies in the St. Petersburg, Florida, I was able to get my hands on seven different flavors. Those ranged from Tagalongs, samoas, Toffee-tastic, do-si-dos, thin mints, S’mores, and Savannah Smiles.

So according to the Girl Scouts, whats in your cookies St. Petersburg?

Meat the Local Cookies

The thin mints.

Cory Cole

The thin mints contain wheat and soy as the main allergens. So Vegans rejoice, this cookie is for you

The toffee-tastic.

Cory Cole

The toffee-tastic is the cookie for anyone avoiding gluten. Contains milk and soy only as the main allergens. 

The fallowing cookies all contain two or more of the fallowing ingredient’s milk, wheat, soy and egg

The Do-si-dos.

Cory Cole

This cookie is something anyone with a nut allergy should avoid.

The tagalongs.

Cory Cole

Another cookie to avoid if you have a nut allergy. However, if you are a vegan and live in an area that offers peanut butter patties feel free to enjoy this vegan treat. 

The S'mores

Cory Cole

Though the s’mores offered in the St. Petersburg contain milk, someplace offer a vegan option. So, keep an eye out for those tasty treats. 

The savannah smiles.

Cory Cole

A zesty little cookie. Though, for those with a nut allergy you might want to avoid them as they can potentially contain tree nuts.

The samoas.

Cory Cole

The samosa, also known as “Caramel deLites” are possibly one of my favorite cookies. The mixture of chocolate, caramel, and coconut just hit the spot. 

Though, those are not the only Girl Scout cookies. Regardless of name change all the previous cookies can be found within St. Petersburg, Fl.

The fallowing cookies are not featured or found in the area but can be found in other locations Shortbread/ Trefoils, Lemonades (another vegan option), Thanks-A-Lot (another vegan option), and the Caramel Chocolate Chip.

So, it does not matter what your dietary restrictions happen to be. If you eat cookies there is a Girl Scout Cookie for most of you.

Learn more.

For more information feel free to visit the Girl Scout web site.