What is Frozen Honey? 

More than 600 million people on TikTok are trying out the new hashtag trend, #FrozenHoney. All you have to do is freeze a bottle of honey, squeeze it out, and give it a try. I think a lot of people are trying out the trend for the aesthetics of squeezing the honey out of the bottle and for a refreshing and sweet summer treat. I would usually save the honey for the bees because it is too sweet for my taste. I tested out the frozen honey trend for the potential of a super easy summer dessert.

Why Frozen Honey?

Part of the appeal to this TikTok trend might have to do with the pure satisfaction of squeezing the final product out of the bottle. When I initially tried to squeeze the frozen honey out of the bottle, it felt like an intense arm workout. It was more challenging than satisfying! A lot of users mix the honey with corn syrup to make it easier to squeeze out. I ended up running the bottle under hot water to get the honey out.

The Results:

The cold and sticky texture of the honey would be the perfect solution to my childhood predicament of spending money on ice cream or candy. I expected the frozen honey to be more chewy than it was. The flavor was definitely worthy of a sugar rush, but the frozen honey also tasted like it had hints of cinnamon. The frozen honey had a stunning food pull, which almost reminded me of candy making videos. Although I would not make this a regular dessert, I think the appeal is in the visuals. I’m predicting the frozen honey will slowly thaw out once more people hop on the trend and find out how sickly-sweet the final product is


I would prefer watching the videos of people squeezing the honey out of water bottles over tasting this trending hashtag.

This hack is okay to eat in small doses but, a warning to frozen honey fanatics: according to CBS news, eating large quantities of honey can lead to stomach problems, such as bloating and diarrhea. Honey also has a super high sugar content, so make sure to brush your pearly whites after trying this to prevent cavities!