I don't know about you, but PB and J's will always hold a special place in my heart. I used to eat one nearly every day for lunch, and sometimes even have one for a quick snack. Though these bad boys are incredibly delicious, but is PB and J healthy?

The 3 Ingredients

peanut butter, peanut, sandwich, butter, bread, jam, jelly, bit, wheat, slice, pb&j, peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Caroline Ingalls

PB and J is the easiest snack to make. All that's needed is peanut butter, jelly, and bread, that part is pretty self explanatory. But, what's really in these 3 ingredients? What makes up the deliciousness?

Here's where it gets nutty. Peanut butter is packed full of protein, a huge component of a healthy diet. However, there are many peanut butters that are also full of sugars, salt, and added fats. Even with the added sugars and fats, PB is still a fairly healthy option, especially if the regular old JIF is replaced with organic PB.

Jelly isn't much of a healthy option. Typically, it contains high amounts of artificial sugar or high fructose corn syrup. However, there are other options, such as homemade jelly, that can be considerably healthy.

White bread is the most popular options when it comes to PB and J's, which is almost as sugary as the jelly itself. Because white bread is made with refined flour, the sugary part of the bread, blood sugar levels can increase then decrease, leaving you wanting more sugar.

So, what's the verdict?

peanut butter, peanut, butter, bread, wheat, cake, jelly, jam, sandwich, plate, slice, bite, pb&j, peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Caroline Ingalls

The combination of these three ingredients lead to a mix of nutritional value. While PB and J is a great option for protein, there isn't much other nutritional value within the sandwich. However, there are many other substitutions for the sandwich that can up the nutrition value.

And the healthier options are...

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Julia Gilman

There are about a million different options for changing up a PB and J. Though peanut butter is protein packed, there are many other nut-butter options, such as almond butter, that make a great replacement. Try using honey or an organic jam, in replacement of sugary jelly. Instead of white bread, try whole wheat or rye bread. 

Though the classic PB and J is absolutely delicious, it may not be the healthiest option. But this doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy this favorite meal or snack! Try replacing one or two of the ingredients, or perhaps try adding in banana or apple slices. You'll be surprised by the new taste!