Kombucha tea is often associated with health benefits, as it is a type of tea. Tea was introduced to many cultures as medicine before it became an everyday drink. 

Kombucha is made by pouring black tea over a bacteria culture made of an older batch of kombucha tea, called the “daughter,” and allowing it to ferment .

This sweet and bubbly drink was popular in China, Russia and Germany, but has spread around the world in recent years.

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Wonder drink?

Kombucha tea has been argued to cure cancer, as well as everything from getting rid of of gray hair, weight loss, increase of sex drive, improve vision, clean houses, cure depression, and serve as deodorant. For these reasons, some people call it “Wonder drink

Kombucha tea cannot be considered a health drink unless you drink large amounts daily. Cancer prevention properties of kombucha tea have only been seen in people who drink over four cups of kombucha tea daily, which is uncommon.

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Maybe Not.

These many claims about the health benefits of kombucha tea mostly have not been proven. Little research has been done on kombucha tea.

People have seen many benefits of drinking kombucha tea, but there have not been any scientifically proven positive results. Despite this, many people drink kombucha tea regularly to fight the various health problems it may stop.

Although people see positive changes in their health when they drink it, the possible health benefits of the drink may not outweigh the harm it could cause.

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Kombucha tea can be harmful for people with some health conditions if the tea is brewed wrong or ferments too long, because of the high acid content. There are even some studies which say increases cancer rates, so it is hard to say if the drink is good or bad for human health.  

Kombucha may or may not be good for you, so it is a good idea to be careful what you drink: avoid homemade brews unless you're sure they haven't been contaminated, and don't count on the drink to cure everything for you.