Similar to most food trends, kombucha is another health craze that has taken the food world by storm. Often sold in bottles with colorful labels, it looks (and sounds) like a cool drink to buy. But is kombucha good for you? Here's what science has to say about this mysterious tart beverage.


Advertised as a healthy probiotic drink that keeps your body in check, kombucha comes in a variety of flavors from several different companies. Basic kombucha is made from tea fermented with SCOBY, or a symboitic colony of bacteria and yeast. Different flavors can be added to the mixture to change the tase, such as ginger, lemon, blueberry, and many more. 

How it's Made

As mentioned before, the most important ingredient in kombucha is SCOBY. This alien-looking solid substance is a healthy combination of bacteria and yeast sugar consumers that is added to a batch of tea. The process takes about seven to ten days. If you are interested in making your own kombucha at home, this recipe is perfect for beginners.

Health Benefits

Komucha manufacturers make several claims about the drink's health benefits, such as being able to boost immune systems and fight off cancer. While there is research being done to substantiate these claims, as of now there is no supportive scientific evidence. However, it is without a doubt that kombucha contains antioxidants, probiotics, and b-vitamins

So is kombucha good for you? While there is a lack of solid scientific evidence backing up the health claims made by brewing companies, there doesn't seem to be any sources that strongly claim kombucha is horrible for your health. If you plan on drinking kombucha, choose only pasteurized brews from properly certified companies, or else you could get sick from improperlly fermented tea. If you plan on making your own kombucha, ensure that your SCOBY is healthy and that you use sanitary conditions for fermenting your tea. This article provides some more tips for ensuring a safe batch of homemade kombucha.

I personally drink kombucha about once a week because I like the taste, not necessarily because of the health claims. Like all things, enjoy kombucha in moderation, and keep in mind that you're drinking a beverage that has been around since 220 BC, which is pretty awesome.