We've all screamed for Ice Cream, especially on a hot summer day, but have we ever asked ourselves "Is ice cream healthy or unhealthy?" It turns out some ice creams are healthier than others but ice cream isn't as bad as we all think.

Ice Cream Ingredients

The typical ice cream ingredients are milk, sugar, milk or vegetable fat, flavor (and sometimes color). Some products also include stabilizers and emulsifiers. Stabilizers are used to allow the product to have a longer shelf life and emulsifiers such as egg yolks are used to keep the ice cream smooth.

Why Ice Cream Is Healthy

The health benefits of ice cream are that it provides more energy than whole milk at 137 Calories of energy according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is great for someone who is trying to gain weight.

It also contains vitamins and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus work together to build strong teeth and bones and help prevent osteoporosis.

Halo Top Ice cream

Halo top ice cream is lower in fat, carbs, sugar and has more protein than the average ice cream. A pint of chocolate Halo Top ice cream has only 280 calories and contains milk and cream, eggs, erythritol, prebiotic fiber, milk protein concentrate, organic cane sugar, high-fat cocoa, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, organic carob gum, organic guar gum, and organic stevia.

Why Ice Cream Is Unhealthy

Ice cream is unhealthy because it is an energy dense food and has a high content of carbohydrates, sugar, and fat. With a carbohydrate count at about 15 grams in a one-half-cup serving, 20-30 grams of sugar depending on the flavour and 10-20 grams of fat. All of these ingredients, if consumed daily in a high amount can lead to weight gain.

So Is Ice Cream Healthy or Unhealthy?

Ice cream is neither healthy nor unhealthy. There are healthy and unhealthy ingredients and some products contain different and more ingredients than others. Although it contains good and bad ingredients, ice cream isn't your enemy.

There are also health benefits and the best thing is to consume it in moderation just like any other dessert. So sit back and enjoy some scoops of your favorite ice cream on these hot summer days.