As an avid coffee avoider, I felt I was destined to remain sleepy and sluggish for the rest of of my college days. There’s nothing worse than trying to crawl out of bed for a morning class, especially if you don’t have any caffeine. Luckily, I discovered a product that may have solved my caffeine dilemma for good. 

Avitae, a caffeinated water company, may be the answer I’ve been looking for. But what is it?! Promoted as a healthy energy drink, Avitae is the perfect combination of caffeine and purified water. With zero calories, zero sugars, and zero unhealthy additives, this beverage can serve as a pretty healthy alternative to sugary sodas, teas, energy drinks, or a cup of coffee packed with cream and sugar.  

Naturally, I was pretty skeptical … I am a water fanatic, and the thought of throwing caffeine into water? That’s gotta taste pretty nasty. But I decided to bite the bullet, and give this company a try. Available in both sparkling and non sparkling flavors, this is what I have to say about Avitae.


Emily Rice

The sparkling version of this water holds about 90 milligrams of caffeine and comes in an unflavored version as well as four fruit flavors. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by some of these waters. I knew going into it that I shouldn't expect to taste anything sweet, but I appreciated the subtle balance of fruit and carbonation. Cold, refreshing and light, these drinks would be great for on the go. They’re especially perfect for powering through a long day of back to back classes. 

Spoon Tip: Do caffeine levels confuse you? Let me help you out! One half cup of coffee = 45 mg, one cup of coffee = 90 mg and one and a half cups = 125 mg. 


Emily Rice

As someone who doesn’t drink sparkling water regularly, I was excited to try something a little more up my alley. If I had to guess, I would say I drink about a gallon of water per day, so adding a little flavor to my daily water intake was something I looked forward to.

Just like their sparkling counterparts, these flavors had a subtle fruit taste, but I would say it was pretty well balanced. I couldn’t help thinking how great these would be for late night studying. I also loved the fact that they’re something you can feel good about. No sugar or funky chemicals, just purified water with natural flavors.

For those who prefer their water unflavored, Avitae also offers a natural alternative as well. Take a look at what Avitae has to offer. You can browse their online shop here

It's so great to know that their are caffeine alternatives out there for coffee haters like me. I never thought I would be able to find my caffeine fix without having to drink bitter coffee or sugary energy drinks. Avitae gave me the opportunity to explore my caffeine options, and I couldn’t be happier! 

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