The past year has been one characterized by political mayhem, hot Cheetos-flavored everything, celebrity gossip, and of course, low-calorie "ice cream." One of the first big companies to hit the shelves was Arctic Zero, and it's advertised as a healthy alternative to ice cream. But with its unique ingredients and shockingly low calorie count, is Arctic Zero healthy?

The creamy pints with no mix-ins contain only 150 calories, while the ones with mix-ins go up to 250. Compared to a typical Ben & Jerry's pint, they're just 14-24% of the calories. As for ingredients, Arctic Zero is mainly composed of water, whey protein concentrate in the form of milk, sugar, and chicory root. 

The Good

One of the most appealing aspects of Arctic Zero is its low calorie count. All of the creamy pints contain 100 less calories than one serving of Ben & Jerry's Vanilla. Why have one serving when you can have them all for a lesser amount of calories?

As for its other nutritional information, all Arctic Zero pints are low in fat, carbs, and sugar. While it does contain some protein (3 grams per serving), it's not anything to write home about. The sugar is limited by the help of monk fruit, which is an all-natural sweetener. Nearly 200 times sweeter than sugar, only a bit is needed in each pint. It's great for people with diabetes because monk fruit is low on the glycemic index.

One of the first few ingredients of all of Arctic Zero’s “Fit Frozen Dessert” is chicory root. Chicory root is an all natural herb that has been used to cleanse the blood and liver. Dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, the root was used as a natural cleanser of the body. Each serving contains 2 grams (8 grams per pint) of fiber and will definitely keep your digestion system running.  

Even if you're lactose intolerant, this ice cream is perfect. The whey protein goes through a filtration process to remove the lactose. The dessert is void of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors. As well as being both kosher and non-GMO, all but three of the flavors are certified gluten-free. Snickerdoodle, Brownie Blast, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough each contain gluten in the mix-ins. 

The Bad

From an average person's perspective, Arctic Zero products are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth without ruining a diet. However, if you're a bit picky, there are a few questionable things.

Looking at the ingredient list, you'll notice they use milk in the form of whey concentration. Look a bit closer and you'll realize it contains no lactose, a sugar found in milk. In order to remove this sugar, the milk has to go through a rigorous process. This is just one of the various processes the product will go through before it winds up in your freezer.

Consumer Reports pointed out that Arctic Zero's message might be a bit flawed. They're encouraging people to gorge themselves on multiple servings of ice cream. Just because the pint can be eaten in one serving does not mean you should. All foods should still be consumed in moderation. Before you know it, your little treat could turn into a big disaster. 

The Verdict

Is Arctic Zero healthy? Yes and no. Although it doesn't taste like traditional ultra-rich and creamy ice cream, but it can satisfy a craving. It might not be Phish Food or Cherry Garcia (I'm a big Ben & Jerry's fan), but the fit frozen desserts sure have a space in my heart. 

If you're interested in buying some of their products, you can head over to your local grocery store. Not sure if they have it? Check out Arctic Zero's store locator to find out where it's sold nearest to you.