In America, candy is a major component of pop culture, and our lives. But beyond popular candies found in the States, there's a whole other world of candies from around the globe that should be explored.  


Famous for the iconic Taj Mahal, Bollywood and Gandhi, India's candy has a pop and varies from high to low end products—which are all delicious. No one knows this better than the Spoon University New Delhi chapter

1. Poppins

candy, gelatin, sweet, sweetmeat
Riya Chhikara

It’s a rainbow-colored lollipop, and locals are very picky about choosing which color they prefer. For India, it’s a low end version of candy. Poppins are a childhood favorite candy that many grow up with.

2. Blue Colored Lollipops 

chocolate, sweet
Yatin Arora
Lollipops again but this time these lollipops are blue and considered a higher-end candy product.

3. Cake Pops

cake, candy, cake pop, chocolate, sweet, sprinkles, lollipop
Yatin Arora

Yes these are cake pops and in India they’re a popular item. The cake pops are considered high end products and are covered with white chocolate and sprinkles.


Made up of 7,000+ islands with 1,000+ different dialects, Filipino culture contains a variety of delicious foods and treats.

4. Choco Mallows 

chocolate, candy, sweet
David Zambuto
Similar to a Mallomar, this treat is composed of a marshmallow on top of a biscuit and covered in chocolate.

5. Polvoron 

sweet, candy, chocolate
David Zambuto
Known as milk powder candy, Polvoron is a popular treat. Polvoron comes in plain milk, Oreo plain milk or plain milk flavors with crunchy rice pieces.

6. ButterCream Crackers 

sweet, candy
David Zambuto
Essentially they are crackers with flavors related to other popular food items in the Philippines. One phenomenal flavor is the ensaymada flavor which replicates a famed sweet roll treat. Another is the ube talaga flavor which tastes like purple potatoes better known as yams.


Site of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and headquarters for Nintendo, Japanese candy takes on many forms and frequently use locally found ingredients. 

7. Milk Candy

chocolate, milk, cake
David Zambuto

It’s a hard candy that fills your tastebuds with the taste of sweet milk. Try these if you want something creamy and soothing.

8. Hi-Chew

David Zambuto
beer, wheat, bread
David Zambuto
Widely consumed and made in Japan Hi-Chews come in an assortment of flavors. These flavors include strawberry, orange, grape, apple, etc.

9. Country Ma’am Chocochip Cookies Vanilla

sweet, candy, bread, chocolate
Sally Kishi
It’s a cookie that all kids in Japan grow up with. It’s a chocolate chip cookie wrapped in separate packages for easy portioning.

South Africa

It has Capetown, Johannesburg and was home to Nelson Mandela, but it also has some small treats that locals and visitors alike have all come to love. 

10. Chuppa Chups 

Jillian Shugrue
Known as Chuppa Chups these lollipops are a popular item among locals and come in an assortment of flavors. These flavors include: strawberry, orange, green apple, cola, etc.

11. Nestle Bitesize Candy Pieces 

candy, chocolate
Jillian Shugrue
Besides lollipops, these bite size pieces are available for Aerobars and Crispy Candy Bars that get their crunch from rice pieces. You can enjoy one or have a handful, whatever suits your fancy.


Gateway between the different continents the UK, England is known for the Beatles, tea time, Stonehenge and the Queen, and their for chocolate. As the Beatles say, "all you need is love." 

12. Flake 

candy, chocolate, sweet, milk, cream, goody
Sam Jesner
Known as the Flake candy bar, this type of chocolate is a bite of heaven in your mouth. The flake aspect comes from the technique of incorporating air into the chocolate production process creating a wavy layered texture for chocolate lovers.

13. Kinder 

Natasha Sawant

There is a world wide love for Kinder. Kinder chocolate is a widely consumed study abroad student, local and tourist treat. Featured here is Kinder in the form of an egg that has a toy prize that you can take away. (A lot of Americans were pretty upset when Kinder Eggs were actually banned in the United States.)


Paris, beaches in the South and the iconic Eiffel Tower are all French cultural sites cherished as places where you can live in the moment and using your gustatory senses. 

14. Flanby

candy, chocolate, milk
Julia Tornabene

Think flan, but in packets you can enjoy on-the-go. Nestle Flanby can be found at local grocery stores.

15. Macarons

tea, coffee, chocolate
Julia Tornabene

A staple of France and a symbol of french cuisine, Macarons come in an assortment of flavors. These flavors include chocolate, caramel, strawberry also known as les fraises, lemon, coffee and so many more. 

16. Danette Pop

chocolate, candy, cake
Julia Tornabene

Crispy rice balls covered in chocolate, these balls are unique to France and offer a pop for your tastebuds. These products are found in the local grocery stores.


It has Rome, Florence, Venice and was the site of the start of the Roman Empire. Italians cherish tradition and enjoying the little things, especially baked treats. 

17. Kinder Bueno

cake, chocolate, birthday cake, cream
Camilla Caffo
Kinder candy again but this time with the use of milk. Italians use this treat in many dishes with the featured photo of a soon to be consumed cake.

18. Confetti

candy, chocolate, cake, sweetmeat, goody, sweet
Camilla Caffo
chocolate, cake, sweet, cream, candy
Camilla Caffo

Freshly prepared with different shapes, textures and formulas, Italians love Confetti for its ability to serve as not just a sweet treat but also art. Featured here are a few sample designs for the candy that include: purple, magenta, pink, and white egg designs as well as white hearts with an assortment of decorations.