During your summer as an intern, your time is precious—and also usually controlled by your boss. You don’t have time to waste standing over the stove or kneeling by oven, and don’t even mention that never-ending Starbucks line. But have no fear, we have the perfect solution for you: the Mason Jar.

mason jar meal

Photo by Anna Loh

Mason Jar Breakfast Parfait

With little sleep and a long work day ahead, you can no longer get by without eating the most important meal of the day.

mason jar meal

Photo by Bernard Wen

Mason Jar Salads

It’s not first grade anymore, so your Spiderman or HelloKitty lunch box just won’t cut it. Sorry mom. This summer, impress your fellow co-workers and bring a super chic salad in a Mason Jar—a trendy carrier that will rival your favorite cartoons. Check out these three salad options.

mason jar meal

Posted by Gabby Phi

Mason Jar Sushi

Sushi in a jar. No rolling, no nonsense, just a quick and dirty way to get your sushi fix after a long day of work.