We are all told "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," but how are college students supposed to eat a healthy breakfast, when we are swamped with exams and homework? Thanks to the newest breakfast trend, instant oatmeal is making a comeback. What used to be lumpy and plain, has now become colorful, delicious, and easy to make as companies are changing the breakfast game.  

So, I decided to test out the new trend and selected three instant oatmeals- all made in under five minutes, so no excuses! I tried: Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats, Bob's Red Mill Classic Oatmeal Cup, and Trader Joe's Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal, all of which are gluten-free. 

Tani Horton

Bob's Red Mill Classic Oatmeal Cup Flax & Chia- 7/10 

A perfect oatmeal to add almond or peanut butter, fruits, cinnamon, or all of the above. The plain but hearty oatmeal does the trick to keep you full until your next meal (which could be a while for us college students). The flax and chia seeds are an added benefit that incorporate omega 3's into your morning routine. While this could use some sweetening, it takes only three minutes and is already in a grab-n-go container! 

Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats Coconut Turmeric - 10/10 

By far my favorite oatmeal packed with flavor, color, and nutrition. Coconut and turmeric, two superfoods introduced to the oatmeal scene that worked wonders for this oatmeal. Not too sweet and perfectly flavored, Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats comes with granola as a topping which adds a crunchy texture, something that oatmeal can always use. Purely Elizabeth also has two other flavors, Wild Blueberry Lemon and Raspberry Pitaya (both of which are just as delicious). This oatmeal will not disappoint in both taste and visual appeal. 

Tani Horton

Trader Joe's Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal 8/10 

Containing flax and chia seeds, amaranth, and quinoa, this instant oatmeal will definitely fuel you through the day. While on the plain side, this oatmeal is very versatile and welcomes some creativity! I tend to use almond butter, granola, and frozen fruits to jazz it up. The only down side is that this oatmeal can become thick, so I recommend adding more water or milk if texture is an issue. But, if you're looking for a plain oatmeal, or a base to add an abundance of toppings to, Trader Joe's has got you covered. 

Tani Horton

Now with oatmeal making a comeback in the breakfast department, no more waiting until lunch to eat, give your brain and body the fuel it needs. With these tasty instant oatmeals, the breakfast world is made possible once again!